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How To Apply

Current Career-Conditional or Career Status Federal Employees:

Vacancy Announcements with the number: UC-xx-xxx, are internal announcements. To apply for these vacancies, you must be a current career-conditional or a career federal employee or a former federal employee with reinstatement eligibility. The Upper Colorado Region may also consider (as appropriate) applicants eligible under special appointing authorities:

  • Disabled individuals
  • Veterans Readjustment Act
  • Student Career Experience Program
  • Student Temporary Experience Program
  • Other

Or to learn more about this program, visit the web site of Office of Personnel Management at www.opm.gov.

Current federal employees should evaluate the "Area of Consideration" on each announcement when determining their eligibility for a specific job. You will find the following types of "Area of Consideration" for jobs posted by the Upper Colorado Region:

 Government-wide: All government employees will be considered
 Department-wide: Only government employees within the Department of the Interior will be considered
 Bureau of Reclamation-wide: Only government employees within the Bureau of Reclamation will be considered
 Regional-wide: Only government employees within the Bureau of Reclamation Upper Colorado Region will be considered

Application Information

I. To be considered for federal employment applicants must submit ONE of the following required materials and information (Incomplete applications may not be receive full consideration):

 Form SF-171, Application for Federal Employment
 Form OF-612, Optional Application for Federal Employment
 A Resume that must include all information as outlined on the OF-612 forms

Information that must be included when submitting one of the above

II. Special Qualification Requirements:

 Veterans: If applying under a hiring authority for veterans, you MUST submit a copy of all DD-214's. Disabled veterans (below 30%) or veterans applying for the 30% disability program must submit a copy of all DD-214's, SF-15, and if applicable, a letter from the Veterans Administration, dated within one year, verifying disability. Current or former federal employees with competitive status need not submit such proof.
 If you are applying for a non-competitive appointment as a person with disabilities, you MUST submit a copy of a certification of disability from either the Veterans Administration or a state vocational rehabilitation agency.
 It is the applicant's responsibility to provide documentation/proof of claimed qualifications, education, veterans preference, status (SF-15) and/or verification of eligibility for a non-competitive appointment. Applicants will not be contacted for additional information if their applications are incomplete or inadequate. Applicants who do not provide required documentation of eligibility will be disqualified from consideration.
 This agency provides a reasonable accommodation to applicants with disabilities. If you need accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process, please notify the agency. The decision on granting reasonable accommodation will be on a case by case basis.

III. Applicants should submit the following desirable materials and information:

 DI-1935 Applicant Background Survey, which is voluntary and will be detached from your application package upon receipt.
 Completed Supervisory Evaluation (if applicable): We ask that your supervisor/manager complete a separate form addressing your Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA's). This form is not available on-line. Refer to the specific vacancy announcement, print the form out, and submit the signed form to our Human Resource Office. It is best if it accompanies your application, but is not required to.
 The OF-306, Declaration of Federal Employment if not submitting an SF-171
 Commercial Drivers License - Refer to specific vacancy announcement. If a commercial drivers license is required, you must have possession of the license at the time you apply for the job.
 A supplementary statement that addresses your possession of the evaluation factors listed below under "Evaluation Method" (GS positions) or listed above under "Qualification Requirements" (trade and craft positions) on the announcement. **Failure to provide a supplementary statement may result in a lower rating in the evaluation process.

IV. Evaluation Method: Candidates will be evaluated on the basis of information received regarding experience, education, training, and self-development, awards, and a supervisory evaluation. In addition, each vacancy announcement will list specific evaluation factors, which should be referred to in the vacancy announcement you are applying for.

Directions for submitting applications


Last updated: December 6, 2006