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Regional Office

125 South State Street, Room 6107
Salt Lake City, Utah 84138-1147

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Upper Colorado Regional Office Contacts
Regional Director Larry Walkoviak 801-524-3600
Regional Director's Executive Assistant Levi Hutchinson 801-524-3603
Deputy Regional Director Ann Gold 801-524-3602
Deputy Regional Director Brent Rhees 801-524-3606
Regional Liaison Officer VACANT 202-513-0667
Special Assistant to the Regional Director Deborah Lawler 801-524-3604
Regional Public Affairs Officer Matthew Allen 801-524-3774
Technical Services Wayne Xia 801-524-3702
Safety, Security, and Dam Safety Division Rick Scott 801-524-3726
Financial Management Division Mary Halverson 801-524-3613
Resources Management Division VACANT  
Human Resources Division Terry Farnham 801-524-3787
Power Office Manager Jane Blair 801-524-3628
Environmental Resources Division Beverley Heffernan 801-524-3712
Acquisition Management Division James Durrant 801-524-3854
Information Technology Division Kevin Reynolds 801-524-3724


Upper Colorado Region Offices and Contacts
Alamosa Field Division Albuquerque Area Office Carlsbad Office
Chama Field Division Curecanti Field Division El Paso Field Division
Elephant Butte Field Division Four Corners Construction Office Flaming Gorge Field Division
Fontenelle Dam/Powerplant Glen Canyon Field Division Power Office
Provo Area Office Socorro Field Division Western Colorado Area Office - Grand Junction
Western Colorado Area Office - Durango Upper Colorado Regional Office  


Last updated: February 13, 2014