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Step 1 - Building Inventory (Property) Process Step 2 - Rapid Visual Screening Process Step 3 - Seismic Evaluation Process Step 4 - Risk Analysis Process Step 5 - Peer Review and Planning Refinement Process Step 6 - Rehabilitation Action Plan Process Step 7 - Final Risk Reduction Design and Planning Process

Program Process-Step 6 - Rehabilitation Action Plan Process

With close coordination and participation by the Regional and Area Offices, the BSSP prepares a Rehabilitation Action Plan (RAP) for peer-reviewed, high-priority seismic risk reduction projects.

The RAP includes the risk reduction option selected by Area Office Managers, analyzes the potential for code upgrades that could be triggered by the proposed project, and identifies any Area Office building modification plans that would be appropriate and cost-effective additions to be included in a single modification contract.

The RAP identifies specific schedules, funding sources and responsibilities, and serves as a decision document as it is signed by the designated building contact person, Regional and Area Office seismic safety contact person, and the BSSP Program Manager.  The nonreimbursable cost of preparing the RAP is funded by the BSSP.

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