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Seismic Risk Reduction Process (Program Process)

In the pursuit of identifying and perhaps mitigating or rehabilitating buildings evaluated to have unnacceptable or high seismic risk, the Seismic Risk Reduction Process (also referred to as the Program Process) has several steps in conducting and accomplishing these program activities.  The seven individual processes that make up the overall Program Process are listed step-by-step below.  For a visual overview of the entire Program Process refer to the coordinating Program Process Flowchart.

Note:  The Program Process Flowchart can also direct you to the same seven processes (steps) that are
            listed below.

A further explanation of the BSSP's "Portfolio Funding"—an option for "high" risk buildings that can be utilized by the BSSP during certain steps and timeframes within the Program Process—as well as a visual identification and timeline of the BSSP's "Nonreimbursable and Reimbursable" activities and costs in the Program Process, are also included below.

Seven Steps in the Seismic Risk Reduction Process (Program Process)

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