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2009 Reclamation Safety and Health Standards (RSHS)

Since 2013, the Bureau of Reclamation has begun updating its Safety and Health Standards, section by section.  Please see the main RSHS page for the most current standards.  Superseded sections from the 2009 standards are being retained here temporarily as a reference for contractors and others who may be completing projects initiated under the previous standards.

Section 8 – Personal Protective Equipment (2009 version)

Section 16 – Fall Protection and Rope Supported Work (2009 version)

Section 18 – Slings, Chains, and Accessories (2009 version)

Section 19 – Hoisting Equipment, Piledrivers, and Conveyors (2009 version)

Download entire volume of 2009 standards (3.5-MB PDF) 

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Last Updated: 11/23/15