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Safety and Health Office

“Safety is a Lifetime Value”

P.O. Box 25007, 84-43000
Denver, Colorado 80225

Monte Bowman, Reclamation Safety and Occupational Health Program Manager
MBowman@usbr.gov, Phone: 303-445-2695, Fax: 303-445-6737

Theresa Gallagher, Industrial Hygienist
TGallagher@usbr.gov, Phone: 303-445-3720

Ken Somolinos, Denver/Washington Office Safety and Occupational Health Manager
KSomolinos@usbr.gov, Phone: 303-445-3722

Michael Green, Safety Engineer
MLGreen@usbr.gov, Phone: 303-445-3725

Reclamation's Safety Vision
Enhance organizational effectiveness through integration of safety principles
and standards by preventing accidents to people, property, and the environment.

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