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Security, Safety and Law Enforcement Office

The Security, Safety and Law Enforcement (SSLE) Office, located in Denver, is responsible for protecting the public, Reclamation employees, and Reclamation facilities through the development and implementation of an integrated security, safety, and law enforcement program.

The SSLE Office manages Reclamation programs and projects related to security, safety, and law enforcement; develops Reclamation-wide policies and guidelines governing these programs; and provides oversight of program execution in Reclamation field offices.

The Office is responsible for physical, personnel, and information security, safety of dams, continuity of operations, law enforcement, employee safety and health, and emergency planning programs of the Bureau of Reclamation. These programs are administered by five sub-organizations within the SSLE Office: Security Office, Information Share and Law Enforcement Support Office, Special Agent in Charge, Dam Safety Office, Safety and Health Services.

Last Updated: 02/04/2011
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