Risk Management

Risk Cadre:

In 1998, the first team was formed within Reclamation's Technical Service Center (TSC), Denver, CO to help develop Risk Analysis procedures. Select "Risk Cadre" if you want information on the makeup of the present team and ion their tasks and specialties.


A listing of various papers and documents that describe Reclamation's use of Risk Analysis and Risk Assessment are available for download. Also included is a listing of various general references found useful in understanding Risk Analysis Procedures.

Best Practices and Risk Methodology:

Find out more about the Reclamation's Risk Methodology and "Best Practices". The Dam Safety Risk Analysis Best Practices Training Manual is the foundation for Reclamation's Risk Analysis process and is provided in the five-day training course. The Best Practices course was jointly developed by Reclamation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


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