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Risk Management

  • Risk Cadre:
    In 1998, a small team formed within Reclamation’s Technical Service Center (TSC), Denver, CO to help develop Risk Analysis procedures. This button connects you to information on the makeup of the team and information on their work.

  • Potential Failure Modes Analysis (PFMA) Training Course:
    Reclamation, the Corps of Engineers, and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regularly hold training sessions to introduce their respective staffs to the concept of potential failure modes as they relate to water resources facilities.

  • Risk Management:
    Risk Management is the process within Reclamation where decisions concerning Dam Safety are made. The decision process utilizes Risk Analysis information along with other information to make the decisions. This button will lead you to some informational documents that discuss Reclamation’s Risk Assessment process.

  • References:
    A listing of various papers and documents that describe Reclamation’s use of Risk Analysis and Risk Assessment are available for download. Also included is a listing of various general references found useful in understanding Risk Analysis Procedures.