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Landholder forms
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District forms

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Form 7-21INFO

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RRA Fact Sheets - description and list of fact sheets (.pdf versions)

Status of Irrigation Districts Lists - description and alphabetical categories for district names

Status lists of districts, grouped within the alphabetical categories (.pdf versions)

Farm Operators - description

List of exempted farm services - text (.pdf version)

List of grouped farm services - text (.pdf version)

District Responsibilities - description

Summary of District Responsibilities - text (.pdf version)

District Reference Sources - description

Index of District Letters - text (.pdf version)

List of Westwide District Mailings - test (.pdf version)

Text of the RRA - description of the RRA

Public Law 97-293 - text (.pdf version)

Regulations - description of the rules and regulations associated with the RRA

43 CFR Part 426 - text (.pdf version)

43 CFR Part 428 - text [specific to farm operators] (.pdf version)

RRA Tools - description

Spousal Signature Authorization - text (.pdf version)

Entity Signature Authorization - text (.pdf version)

Parental Affirmation Regarding Nondependent Status of a Minor - text (.pdf version)

RRA 101 Tutorial - description of the tutorial on the acreage limitation provisions

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PDF version [4.46MB]

RRA Site Map - link to the text representation of the RRA website's structure

RRA Contacts - information for telephone contact points for Reclamation regions, and e-mail linke for website-specific problems