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The RRA forms used by landholders and districts are currently available on the RRA website. All forms are electronically fillable; however, at this time there is no electronic submittal of completed landholder RRA forms. Completed landholder RRA forms must be manually signed and manually submitted to the appropriate district or Reclamation office. All RRA forms may also be printed (as blank forms) and manually completed.

Software for reading and filling .pdf files (a free download) is required. link to adobe acrobat reader download

The electronic RRA forms are created to accommodate the most common computer set-up. If you experience problems with downloading filling, and/or printing the RRA forms, the Hints, Tips, and Troubleshooting page provides instructions for resolving the most common problems known to exist.

As computer technology progresses, there are increasing variations of hardware/software combinations that may cause unforeseen user-specific problems. These problems can only be solved by making adjustments to the user's particular hardware/software and do not necessarily indicate an issue with the electronic RRA form files. Problems not addressed by the Hints, Tips, and Troubleshooting page should be directed to the appropriate software or hardware manufacturer.

It is recommended that you save on your hard drive (or other data device) the RRA form you intend to complete, and complete the saved file from your hard drive. If you do not, or are unable to, save your electronically completed RRA form to your hard drive (or other storage device), for security reasons close your Web browser when you leave the RRA website. The information you enter in the fillable RRA form(s) could remain in your Web browser's memory (cache) until you close your browser, regardless of whether you save an electronically completed form. To close your browser, click the X at the top of your internet screen - leaving the website does not clear your browser's memory.

The appropriate RRA forms must be submitted annually and/or when a landholding change occurs (see Fact Sheet 11 for further information regarding landholding changes). Definitions for the acreage limitation terms used in the RRA forms are located in 43 CFR part 426, 43 CFR part 428, and Form 7-21INFO (which also provides general acreage limitation information).

Forms Completed by LANDHOLDERS
Forms Completed by DISTRICTS
Form 7-21INFO
(general information)