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2011 Bulletins

These FY2011 updates are brief news releases for Bureau of Reclamation end users, stakeholders, and other parties interested in Reclamation's Research and Development Program findings. You can also view current updates, or updates from 2013, 2012, or previous fiscal years.


Advanced Water Treatment

Chlorine Resistant Polyamide Desalination Membranes: (PDF, 320 kB) New polyamide reverse osmosis membranes can reduce water treatment costs.

New Generation Cellulose Acetate (CA) Desalination Membrane (PDF, 680 kB)
New CA membrane can reduce water treatment costs.

Forward Osmosis Water Purification (PDF, 995 kB)
Improvements to FO membranes and process can significantly reduce capital and energy costs for water desalination plants

Automated Filter Plugging Analyzer Measures Silt Density Index (PDF, 47 kB)
New device provides continual information on the concentration of suspended sediment in desalination plant feed water


Pseudomonas fluorescens: A Dead Bacteria to Control Invasive Mussels (PDF, 453 kB)
Bacterial-based product shows promise for controlling mussels at impacted water resources facilities

Environmental Issues in Water Delivery and Management

Bioreactors Remove Selenium from Water at Reduced Cost (PDF, 133 kB)
Bioreactor cells reduce selenium without requiring attendance—improving water quality and saving money

Hydropower Turbine Retrofit Improves Dissolved Oxygen Levels (PDF, 131 kB)
Retrofitting turbine air venting systems to increase dissolved oxygen levels can prevent downstream fishery impacts

Using Stream Water Temperature Measurements for Habitat Rehabilitation (PDF, 105 kB)
Fiber optic cable system measures water temperatures through the length of a stream to understand stream interactions

Sustaining Habitat Health and Salt Balances in Wetlands (PDF, 94 kB)
Developing optimal wetland management strategies in response to salinity discharge limits

Assessing Spatially Distributed Temperatures for Water Suitability and Habitat (PDF, 104 kB)
Better representation of temperature processes leads to increased accuracy and higher confidence

Floating PIT Tag Detection System (PDF, 97 kB)
New Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) tag antenna system detects fish in waterways while floating over them.

Water and Power Infrastructure Reliability

Improved Clamshell Gate Design (PDF, 140 kB)
New simplified design reduces leakage and improves discharge flow characteristics

LiDAR Assists in Archaeological Site Preservation and Protection (PDF, 127 kB)
A tool for improved analysis and preservation of archaeological features that saves time and money

Protecting Infrastructure by Predicting Coating Service Life Span (PDF, 170 kB)
Using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) to select the most durable protective coatings

Preparing concrete before repairs and overlay (PDF, 127 kB)
New surface preparation guide for concrete repairs saves time and money and leads to longer-lasting repairs

Determining potential for cavitation in stepped channels (PDF, 101 kB)
Laboratory tests show that new spillway designs can call for higher specific discharge without risking cavitation damage.

Acoustic Travel-Time Tomography (PDF, 156 kB)
A new cost effective and non-destructive method for improved assessment of mass concrete dams

Water Operations Decision Support

Pisces Software Program (PDF, 103 kB)
A tool for more efficiently analyzing hydrology model time series data for users from novices to modelers

Determining the Effects of Terracing and Small Reservoirs on Water Supplies (PDF, 116 kB)
New understanding of how these conservation practices impact water supplies improves Reclamation's water operations.

Conserving or Expanding Water Supplies

The Western Water Information Network (WWIN) (PDF, 166 kB)
Enterprise GIS brings baseline geospatial data to the water scientist's fingertips

Measuring Flow Rate through Canal Check Gates (PDF, 112 kB)
New methods give canal operators more flow control

Framework for Understanding Ground Water Model Uncertainty (PDF, 53 kB)
A standardized approach for applying statistics and methods to improve model output reliability and use

Finding Ways to Solve Water Conflicts in the West (PDF, 115 kB)
Analysts researched conflicts to determine ways to work together effectively

Managing Diverging Science in Reclamation Water Allocation Decisions (PDF, 136 kB)
A comprehensive guide for tools to manage conflicts over science that impede water allocation decisions

Venturi Solution for Measuring Flow at Flumes under Risk of Submergence (PDF, 119 kB)
New measurement system provides accurate measurements for flat, open canals under a range of water level conditions

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