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2010-2007 Bulletins

These updates from FY 2007- FY 2010 are a brief news release for Reclamation's end users, stakeholders, and other parties interested in Reclamation's Research and Development Program findings. View the most recent updates or updates from 2013, 2012, 2011.


July, 2010

Flexible Magnetic Flux Probe (PDF, 116 kB)
A new inexpensive, light and thin probe improves generator rotor diagnostics accuracy and reduces maintenance costs

Stator Winding Fault Location Tests (PDF, 75 kB)
Improvements in methods and equipment improve accuracy and reduce testing times and associated costs

MODSIM-DSS River Basin Management Model Enhancements (PDF, 900 kB)
Enhanced utility and capabilities of popular river systems modeling tool make it accessible to a wider user-base

April, 2010

Combining Radio-Telemetry and DNA Studies to Understand Fish Behavior (PDF, 55 kB)
Meeting Endangered Species Act requirements to protect fish in order to ensure continued water deliveries

May, 2009

HydroGeoSphere: A Robust Hydrologic Modeling Tool (PDF, 59 kB)
Simulates 2- and 3-dimensional flow in conjunctive surface/subsurface water systems at multiple scales

Hydrophilic Polyurethane Impregnated Rubber for Sealing Water Leaks (PDF, 49 kB))
Innovative material could be used to permanently seal problematic water leaks in hard to access locations

March, 2009

New Generation Cellulose Acetate Reverse Osmosis Membrane (PDF, 64 kB)
New cellulose acetate membrane will reduce water treatment costs for water treatment plants

Chlorine Resistant Polyamide Reverse Osmosis Membranes (PDF, 62 kB)
New polyamide membranes will reduce water treatment costs significantly

Forward Osmosis Water Purification (PDF, 73 kB)
Improvements to FO membranes and process can significantly reduce capital and energy costs for membrane separation plants

January, 2009

Teleconnections: Remote Weather Conditions Relationships (PDF, 60 kB)
New snowmelt runoff forecasting techniques using teleconnections improve water management capabilities

December, 2008

Automated Fish Identity and Counting System Improves Water Management (PDF, 141 kB)
New cost-effective system provides high accuracy, near-real-time data needed for balancing water and fisheries resources

Channel Migration Model Predicts Meandering Of Rivers (PDF, 220 kB)
Simulation of channel meander assists in sand/gravel point bar formation and riparian corridor analyses

Evaluation of River-Spanning Rock Weir Performance (PDF, 196 kB)
Design guidelines will improve performance and reduce repairs and replacement costs

Fuel Cell Deployment (PDF, 144 kB)
Backup power for direct current (DC) systems at Reclamation hydropower and communications facilities

Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment Using A Slow Sand Filter (PDF, 199 kB)
Costs of water desalting process reduced by 20% with slow sand filter pretreatment

Slow Sand Filter Treatment of Surface Water for Municipal Use (PDF, 160 kB)
Municipal water treatment costs using slow sand filter one-fourth that of conventional treatment

August, 2008

Downscaling of Global Climate Model Projections (PDF, 230 kB)
Projecting temperature and precipitation conditions at a fine scale for planning and other analyses

June, 2008

Conserving Urban Water Using Landscape Irrigation Guides and Tools (PDF, 66 kB))
Create public awareness to reduce urban landscape irrigation water waste

May, 2008

Coanda-Effects Overflow Screens Reduce Maintenance Costs (PDF, 74 kB))
Self-cleaning screen technology removes fine debris while reducing the need for manual cleaning

Fish Passage for Non-Salmonids (PDF, 67 kB)
Ensure efficient water delivery and meet requirements under the Endangered Species Act

Managing Reservoir Sediment (PDF, 65 kB)
Computer model predicts reservoir and downstream sediment impacts for effective sediment-management planning

Powerplant Efficiency Optimization (PDF, 52 kB)
Optimization programs increase the overall efficiency of hydroturbine power generation units resulting in millions of dollar savings

December, 2007

Breakthrough in Terrestrial Photogrammetry (PDF, 300 kB)
Performs detailed 3-dimensional measurements that save time and money, and improve safety

July, 2007

Flow Calculator Simplifies Use of Sharp-Crested Weirs for Accurate Measurement of Water Deliveries (PDF, 260 kB)
Easy to use software saves time and money and increases measurement accuracy

June, 2007

Airborne LiDAR Easily Defines Underwater River Channel Geometry (PDF, 97 kB)
New method of collecting river bathmetry data saves time and money

Flow Deflectors to Prevent Stilling Basin Abrasion Damage (PDF, 133 kB)
Installing flow deflectors at stilling basins reduces maintenance and repair costs

Improved Water Supply Predictions (PDF, 60 kB)
New prediction modeling technique could result in substantial savings through better water resource managment

WinFlume Simplifies Open-Channel Flow Measurement (PDF, 80 kB)
WinFlume software is used wordwide to design and calibrate long-throated flumes and broad-crested weirs

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