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Reclamation's funding is divided into fiscal years that start on October 1st and end on September 30th of the next calendar year. The current fiscal year is 2017. Use the utility below to find research funded by the Science and Technology Program during a specified range of years or use the links here to explore research in other categories.

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Science and Technology Research Funded from 2004 to 2017

The following 848 research projects were fully or partially funded by the Science and Technology Program from 2004 to 2017. Click on a highlighted Researcher link to learn more about that project's Principal Investigator, or click on a linked project title to view that project's details.

Researcher Title ID Start Year End Year
Adams, Angela Developing a Sustainable Framework to Support Open Data for Reclamation_x0019_s Colorado River Basin Decision Support Systems 5541 2016 2016
Adams, Angela Evaluating Thin-film Nanocomposite Membranes to Treat Brackish Waters through Reverse Osmosis 5349 2013 2013
Agee, J C Generator and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Controls Modification for Wind Integration 9608 2009 2011
Agee, J C Power System Stability Enhancement in the Digitally-Controlled Power System 1411 2005 2010
Agee, J C Power System Stability Improvement 661 2004 2010
Ahlers, Darrell Southwestern Willow Flycatcher--Contribute to the Delisting by Evaluating Reclamation River Operations to Maximize Habitat Benefits and Minimize Water Use; Assess Relationship Between Salt Cedar and Native Habitats, River Operations, and Multiple-Use 183 2004 2006
Andrews, Christopher Research, Develop, and Implement Sandblasting Noise Controls and Strategies to Reduce Reclamation High Noise Processes 2 857 2012 2012
Andrews, Christopher Research, Develop, and Implement Sandblasting Noise Controls and Strategies to Reduce Reclamation High Noise Processes 2 9595 2013 2013
Arias-Paic, Miguel Beneficial Reuse and Waste Minimization of Hexavalent Chrome Ion Exchange Brine 9085 2016 2016
Arias-Paic, Miguel Forward Osmosis Evaluation and Applications for Reclamation 7911 2015 2015
Arias-Paic, Miguel Robust Water Treatment Systems for Rural and Small Communities 1759 2014 2015
AuBuchon, Jonathan Field deployment of a continuous sediment load surrogate 7839 2016 2016
Baird, Drew Design Guidelines for New Technology, Low-Cost Bank Stabilization Features 8370 2011 2012
Baird, Drew Design Methods and Guidelines for New Technology, Low Cost Bank Stabilization Features Also Used for River Restoration 8819 2008 2008
Baird, Drew In Channel Systems for Providing Endangered Species Habitat While Providing Continued Water Delivery and Use and Power Production 7621 2005 2007
Baker, Michael Evaluation of Passive Bioreactors to Reduce Selenium Impacts from Reclamation Projects 394 2006 2007
Baker, Michael Evaluation of Residential Irrigation Controller with On-Site Weather Station for Reduction of Water Use, Deep Percolation and Salt and Selenium Loading in Arid Landscapes 8607 2007 2008
Baker, Michael Passive Selenium Bioreactor--Pilot-scale Testing 4414 2008 2009
Baker, Michael Using Geographic Information System (GIS) and Multivariate Regression to Model Salt and Selenium Loads in Regions of the Upper Colorado River Basin 1182 2004 2006
Balcombe, Collins Identifying Reclamation-wide Water Quality Challenges 5144 2016 2016
Bandrowski, David DJ J Engineering Log Jam Design Standards 2212 2012 2012
Bandrowski, David DJ J Large Wood Design Guidelines - National Manual 2754 2013 2013
Bark, Raymond Charles Cathodic Protection Systems and Effects on Fisheries Near Reclamation 3427 2007 2009
Bark, Raymond Charles Ensuring Water Delivery Reliability: Dam Operations, Discharge Regime, Hyporheic Flow, and Salmonid Egg Survival 804 2004 2005
Bark, Raymond Charles Inventory of Reclamation Facilities where Lamprey Species Exist, Issues Confronting Lamprey, and How to Aid Fishways for Passage and Monitoring 6532 2008 2008
Bark, Raymond Charles Inventory of Reclamation facilities where lamprey species exist, issues confronting lamprey, and how to aid fishways for passage and monitoring. 5784 2006 2006
Bartojay P.E., Katie Chemical Shrinkage Analysis of Nano Silica Cementitious Binders 4967 2013 2013
Bartojay P.E., Katie Comparative Analysis on Reducing Concrete Shrinkage and Cracking 2725 2015 2015
Bartojay P.E., Katie Comparative Analysis on Reducing Concrete Shrinkage and Cracking 7644 2016 2016
Bauer, Travis Determining the Accuracy of Depth Measurements Taken from Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler 3504 2009 2009
Beaty, Michael Western U.S. T&E Species Locator Web Service 843 2004 2004
Bechtel, Ted Enhancement of Hydroturbine Operational Flexibility for Powerplant Cost Optimization 8301 2005 2011
Bell, Alan Investigating Alternate Methods for Extracting Hydraulic Model Output Measurements 5783 2005 2008
Bell, Alan Investigating the Capabilities of the UAV-Predator for Reclamation Infrastructure O&M 9059 2014 2014
Bell, Erin Develop GPS/GIS enabled Tablet Applications to Modernize Resources and Monitor Facility Condition 9652 2016 2016
Bender, Merlynn D Increased Hydrogeneration while Improving Environmental Conditions (2) 9650 2012 2013
Bender, Merlynn D Open Water Quality Data Initiative 1415 2016 2016
Bender, Merlynn D Review of Top Down Water Storage Mixing Systems 6415 2016 2016
Bender, Merlynn D Zebra and Quagga Mussels: Scoping to Incorporate Mussels in Flow and Water Quality Models 2320 2010 2010
Best, Eric Investigation of Reclamation Project Effects and Management Recommendations for Native Fish of the Milk River in Montana Using Innovative Telemetry Techniques 1068 2004 2009
Best, Eric Monitoring Federally Listed Bull Trout (_Salvelinus confluentus_) Movements and Habitat Preferences in Proximate to Reclamation's Facilities in Order to Reduce Potential Litigation Actions That Would Effect Delivery of Water 401 2004 2006
Best, Eric Use of High Definition Imaging Sonar as a Methodology for Evaluating Native Fish Spawning Behavior and Habitat Preference in Areas Impacted by Reclamation Structures and Operations. 8855 2007 2009
Best, Eric Use of High Definition Imaging Sonar as a Methodology for Evaluating Reclamation Fish Passage Structures 1559 2005 2005
Black Sr., Kevin Lee Single Well Brackish Ground Water Recovery and Brine Disposal 8427 2012 2012
Blatchford, Douglas B. A Web-Based Data Assimilation Framework for Improving Operational Decision Making 4628 2014 2014
Blatchford, Douglas B. A Web-Based Data Assimilation Framework for Improving Operational Decision Making 8730 2015 2015
Blatchford, Douglas B. Evaluation of approaches to determine mixing and assimilation of reuse effluent. 1397 2016 2016
Bloom, Kevin Using Freshwater Sponge Chemical/Mechanical Defense as a Bio-Control for Mussel Settlement 3908 2015 2015
Bountry, Jennifer Decision Framework to Determine Potential Sediment Impacts and Analyses for Reservoir Sediment Sluicing and Dam Decommissioning 8462 2008 2011
Bountry, Jennifer Elwha Dam Removal Science Symposium and Field Trip 6959 2012 2012
Bountry, Jennifer Evaluating Climate-induced Runoff and Temperature Change on Stream Habitat Metrics for Endangered or Threatened Fish 6507 2011 2013
Bountry, Jennifer Predicting Vertical and Lateral Sediment Erosion in River and Reservoir Settings 7356 2012 2014
Bountry, Jennifer Synthesis of Ecological and Physical Effects of Dam Removal Projects 1666 2015 2015
Bountry, Jennifer Technical Workshop on Large Wood Applications and Research Needs in River Settings 3775 2012 2012
Boutwell, John Dissolved Nitrogen Gas Removal on Irrigation and Power Projects 1124 2004 2007
Bowen, Mark D Biological Impacts on Reclamation Operations from Climate Change 5891 2011 2011
Bowen, Mark D Development and Use of Fisheries Models in Water Resource Planning: Assessing Impacts of Alternative Operations 1084 2004 2006
Bowen, Mark D How Much Flow is Enough? The Effects of Altering Discharge on the Naches River, Washington 61 2004 2006
Bowen, Mark D Non-Physical Barrier (NPB) for Fish Protection Evaluation: Can an Inexpensive Barrier Be Effective for Threatened Fish? 8740 2009 2010
Bowen, Mark D Saving Water and Insuring Delivery: Flow Prescription and the Discharge to Habitat Relationship for a Listed Anadromous Salmonid 7899 2007 2010
Bowen, Mark D Zebra and Quagga Mussels: Non-Physical Barriers (NPB) for Fish Protection and Avoiding Mussel Impacts 8531 2010 2010
Bowser, Steven Real-time Open-water/Wetted-sands Evaporation Quantification for Water Operations 3014 2005 2006
Bradley, D. Nathan Can a numerical model simulate observed patters of gravel dispersion based on river bed morphology and flow hydraulics? 5049 2015 2015
Bradley, D. Nathan Coupling to Reclamation's Surface Water Model to a Groundwater Model 3236 2016 2016
Brekke, Levi Assessing the Risks of Shifting Climate on Water and Power Operations in Reclamation Regions 6253 2006 2007
Brekke, Levi Climate Change: Assessing Preference Among Surface Water Hydrologic Models for Studies Involving Climate Change 2404 2009 2010
Brekke, Levi Climate Change: Erosion of Water Supply Predictability Under Climate Change? 2726 2009 2010
Brekke, Levi Climate Change: Methodology to Evaluate the Influence of Joint Changes in Climate and Land Cover on Water Availability 2768 2009 2010
Brekke, Levi Climatic Teleconnections for Forecasting Seasonal Water Supply in Reclamation Regions 925 2004 2005
Brekke, Levi Combining Groundwater and Teleconnection Information to Enhance Wet-Season Runoff Forecasting in Central-Southern Oregon Basins 6912 2006 2006
Brekke, Levi Development and Comparison of Long-Term Planning Hydrologies using Alternate Climate Information Sets 6395 2008 2008
Brekke, Levi Seasonal Climate Forecasts for Water Temperature projections in Reservoirs and Streams 2403 2006 2006
Brekke, Levi Using Seasonal Climate Forecasts to Improve Temperature Control Planning in Reservoirs and Streams 7523 2007 2007
Broderick, Susan Developing Ultrasound Imaging as a Fish Research and Management Tool at Reclamation Fish Facilities 4067 2008 2008
Broderick, Susan Developing Ultrasound Imaging as a Fish Research and Management Tool at Reclamation's Fish Facilities 2817 2009 2010
Broderick, Susan Impacts of Saltcedar and Saltcedar Control on Wildlife in the Southwestern United States: Publishing Research Results 5524 2011 2011
Broderick, Susan Management Guidelines to Reduce Endangered Species Conflicts from Salt Cedar Control at Reclamation Water Projects 9331 2005 2007
Brummer, Joseph Soil and Substrata Salinity Trends at Irrigated Glacial Till Sites 761 2004 2005
Bui, Chi Validation of a design equation for bendway weirs to control bank erosion and enhance river environment 2645 2016 2016
Burnett, Roger Demonstration of Field Scale Applications to Control Water Logging and Stalinization 2193 2005 2009
Burnett, Roger Evaluation of Leaching Requirements and Salt Balance in the Arkansas River Valley of Colorado 1244 2004 2004
Burnett, Roger Soil Salinity and Drainage Requirement Using Recycled Drainwater for Crops 7283 2005 2005
Caldwell, Raymond Ingredients-based Climatology and Future Projections of Extreme Precipitation Events Using a Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) Framework 6917 2012 2013
Camp, Susan Assessment of Potential Effects of Operation of Reclamation Facilities on Pacific Lamprey in Major Tributaries of the Columbia River Basin 35 2009 2011
Camp, Susan Exploring Techniques to Reduce Lamprey and Salmonid Entrainment into Canals 2621 2016 2016
Carlson, John Sediment Accumulation in Reservoirs: Comparison of Watershed Sediment Yield Models with Measured Sedimentation Volumes 9353 2013 2013
Carlson, John Three-Dimensional Visual Reservoir Sediment Modeling and Animation 6769 2011 2011
Carlson, John Three-dimensional (3D) Visual Reservoir Sediment Modeling and Animation 6770 2010 2010
Carlson, John Using Satellite Imagery to Locate Arundo 7602 2008 2008
Chapman, Michelle J Development of Membrane Characterization Methods 961 2004 2005
Chapman, Michelle J Development of a Method for Evaluating Sequence of Water Use to Maximize Benefit of Treatment and Minimize Impact to the Environment 7060 2006 2007
Chapman, Michelle J Innovative Constructed Wetlands for Removing Endocrine Disrupting Compounds from Reclaimed Wastewater 104 2012 2012
Chapman, Michelle J Strategies for Treating Variable Source Water 9316 2010 2013
Chapman, Michelle J Zero Liquid Discharge Desalination for Rural Desert Communities 1963 2005 2005
Chugh, Ashok Three-dimensional Slope Stability Analysis of Embankment Dams 1540 2011 2011
Clair, Kyle North American Electric Reliability Corporation and Western Electricity Coordinating Council Generator Testing and Modeling Requirements 1482 2011 2011
Clair, Kyle Signal Processing Techniques for Determining Powerplant Characteristics 9962 2012 2012
Clark, Douglas Data Management and Data Stewardship in Reclamation 3789 2011 2012
Clark, Douglas Developing and Maintaining a Community of Interest Dedicated to the Potential Uses of Near Remote Sensing and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Technologies within the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) to Reduce Costs and Add Technical Capacity 3823 2015 2015
Clark, Douglas Examining the Use of Adaptive Management Workshops to Foster Collaboration 9132 2008 2010
Clark, Douglas Examining the Utility of Unmanned Vehicle Technology to Map Topography 4926 2012 2013
Clark, Douglas Exploring Potential Uses of Near Remote Sensing and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Technologies in Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) Science, Engineering, and Operations to Reduce Costs and Add Capabilities 3734 2012 2014
Clark, Douglas Fostering Data Stewardship Best Practices in Reclamation 3840 2015 2015
Clark, Douglas Improving Reclamation's Capacity to Disseminate Information and Receive Feedback 2055 2015 2015
Clark, Douglas Pilot Testing Data Stewardship Processes on River Restoration and Hydrologic Data Sets 3760 2013 2014
Clark, Douglas Reclamation Biological Resources Data Management: Developing an Enterprise Approach 1713 2008 2010
Clark, Douglas Research and Development of a Comprehensive Guide of Tools for Management of Diverging Science in Reclamation Water Allocation Decisions 7515 2008 2010
Clark, Douglas Research and Development of a Comprehensive Guide of Tools for Management of Diverging Science in Reclamation Water Allocation Decisions 7645 2011 2011
Clark, Douglas Scoping Tools for Water Conflict Management 1380 2014 2014
Clark, Douglas Tools for Managing of Disputes over Science in the Bureau of Reclamation 6641 2013 2013
Clark, Douglas Western Water Information Network (WWIN) 1201 2004 2007
Clark, Douglas Western Water Institutional Solutions: Identification, Development, and Application of Institutional Solutions for Western Water Problems 147 2006 2010
Collins, Kent Achieving Reservoir Sustainability 2943 2012 2012
Collins, Kent Developing Guidelines for Formulating Reservoir Sustainability Plans 6080 2013 2014
Collins, Kent Rock Ramp Interstitial Flow and Design Guidelines 2253 2007 2009
Conway, Stan Demonstration of Applications to control Waterlogging and Salinization 725 2004 2004
Coors, Shane High-Precision Reservoir Release Scheduling Model with Real-Time Tributary Forecasts 1839 2006 2006
Corwin, Richard Monitoring and Evaluation of the Potential Impacts of the Red Bluff Diversion Dam on Green Sturgeon 1887 2008 2009
Coulter, Thayne Applied Research on Improving the Management of Urban Encroachment on Reclamation Facilities, with Emphasis on Irrigation Districts 821 2004 2006
Coulter, Thayne Opportunities and Constraints to Irrigation District and Individual Grower Investment in Water Conservation Under Reclamation Projectstitle has not been entered yet 1144 2004 2004
Coulter, Thayne Social Factors Affecting the Transfer of Modern Water Management Technologies to Irrigation Districts 2786 2005 2006
Craft, Doug Enhancing Reclamation Water Storage Capacity using Dredging 6583 2005 2005
Croghan, Mark Using the Fiber Optic Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) System to Determine Temperature Dynamics and Groundwater Spring Influences due to Channel Relocation and Habitat Enhancement in a Mountain Stream 9654 2009 2010
Cuhaciyan, Christopher Mobility and Stability of Large Woody Material 3842 2013 2013
Cuhaciyan, Jennifer Animated Tea-Cup Diagram Tool for Visualization of System-wide Conditions Over Time 631 2016 2016
Dahm, Katharine Oxnard Saline Treatment Wetlands 9424 2012 2013
Dahm, Katharine Produced Water Treatment Primer for Oil and Gas Operations 1617 2013 2014
Dahm, Katharine Projected Impacts of Climate Change Induced Water Quality Trends on Reclamation Operations 4311 2013 2013
Dahm, Katharine Treatment and Beneficial Use of Produced Water in the western U.S. 3259 2011 2012
Dandron, Jeremy Geo-Library Reference Database Area Office Library Materials Accessible through an ArcIMS Interface 7751 2006 2008
Daniels, Christine Alternative Reinforcement for Concrete in Corrosive Environments 620 2016 2016
Daniels, Christine Evaluation of Field Repairable Materials and Techniques for Cavitation Damage 8452 2016 2016
Daniels, Christine Self-Healing Coatings to Mitigate Corrosion and Impact Damage 1623 2016 2016
Davis, Rob Assessing Economic Impacts to Irrigated Agriculture from Changes in Water Supply: An Assessment Using a Yield-Response Optimization Model 2718 2005 2005
Davis, Rob River Basin Level Economic Impacts (Agricultural Phase) 1292 2004 2004
DeHaan, Jim Large Synchronous Generators Computer Models 3772 2015 2015
DeHaan, Jim Non-dispatchable Renewable Integration 7946 2015 2015
DeHaan, Jim Non-dispatchable Renewable Integration 2533 2016 2016
DeHaan, Jim Plant Condition Monitoring 2879 2014 2015
DeHaan, Jim Power System Diagnostics 1776 2016 2016
DeHaan, Jim Power System Safety 5446 2014 2014
DeHaan, Jim Power System Safety 613 2015 2015
DeHaan, Jim Protection System Testing Improvements 2446 2014 2015
DeHaan, Jim Reduced Cost Hydroelectric Maintenance 582 2004 2010
DeHaan, Jim Reduced Cost Hydropower Maintenance 5021 2011 2013
DeHaan, Jim Renewable Integration and Small Hydro 6144 2011 2013
Delagah, Saied Cellulose Acetate Membrane 1526 2013 2013
Delagah, Saied Cellulose Acetate Membrane Improvements 9000 2011 2012
Delagah, Saied Concentrate Management Modeling, Design, and Optimization 3464 2011 2011
Delagah, Saied Concentrate Management Toolbox and Selected Case Studies 5239 2015 2015
Delagah, Saied Concentrate Minimization via Pellet Softening - Process Evaluation and Pilot Study 2444 2012 2014
Delagah, Saied Contaminant of Concern (CEC) in Potable Reuse Concentrate 4243 2016 2016
Delagah, Saied MWDOC Sea Water Pilot Desalination Study QA/QC and Peer Review 3879 2012 2012
Delagah, Saied Renewable Energy Evaluation for Zero Liquid Discharge Processes 7399 2012 2013
Delagah, Saied Underwater Desalination--Reduces Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Costs Significantly and Addresses Concentrate Disposal Issues 6586 2010 2010
Delagah, Saied West Basin Ocean Water Desalination Demonstration 7720 2011 2012
Dillon, Chuck Integrating Reclamation’s Mission in the National Wildland Fire System 5010 2015 2015
Dombroski, Daniel Development of Software Tools for Efficient Processing of Bathymetry and Discharge Data 3937 2013 2013
Dombroski, Daniel Remote Sensing of Vegetation Characteristics for Estimation of Roughness in Hydraulic Modeling Applications 6034 2016 2016
Dundorf, Steve Brackish Water Treatment for Native American and Small Communities in the Pacific Northwest Region 1282 2004 2004
Dundorf, Steve Demonstration Forward Osmosis Treatment System 326 2014 2014
Dundorf, Steve Forward Osmosis Treatment System Assessment 9740 2013 2013
Dundorf, Steve Membrane Pretreatment with Ion Exchange for Natural Organic Matter (NOM) Removal 536 2010 2012
Dundorf, Steve Optimization of Energy Recovery Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems 9081 2005 2009
Dundorf, Steve Optimization of Energy Recovery in Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems 1088 2010 2011
Eacock, Michael Cs Implementation of a Real-Time Forecasting System to Control Selenium Contamination in the Delta Mendota Canal (DMC) 2958 2006 2006
Eacock, Michael Cs Real-time monitoring, modeling and management of selenium drainage discharges in the Delta Mendota Canal 947 2004 2004
Eastment, Eric Power System Diagnostics 701 2004 2010
Eastment, Eric Power System Diagnostics 548 2011 2013
Eastment, Eric Power System Diagnostics 5040 2014 2015
Eastment, Eric Power System Safety 9629 2011 2013
Eberts, Debra Adaptation of Salt Cedar Biocontrol Beetles to Shorter Critical Daylengths 3237 2007 2007
Eberts, Debra Development of Salt Cedar Biocontrol Methods for Water Supply Recovery and Protection, including a Demonstration on the Arkansas River 506 2004 2006
Eberts, Debra Geographic deployment of _Diorhabda elongata_ for Salt Cedar Biocontrol and Water Supply Restoration 302 2004 2007
Eckhardt, David Improving Evapotranspiration Maps Obtained from the Remote Sensing of Evapotranspiration (ReSET) Model 2686 2009 2009
Eckhardt, David Mapping Surface Water Quality in Flaming Gorge Reservoir using Hyperoin Spaceborne Hyperspectral Imagery 1288 2004 2004
Eder, Christopher Scoping the potential use of ecosystem service accounting protocols in environmental analysis 4942 2014 2014
Eggleston, Keith San Xavier district Recharge Water Quality Study 503 2004 2004
Einhellig, Robert Canal Operation and Control Development 9403 2005 2005
Einhellig, Robert Development and Deployment of Low-Cost Flow Measurement for Irrigation Applications (WS3-FY03-002-BOR) 435 2004 2004
Einhellig, Robert Water Technology Information Resource 494 2006 2007
Ekstrand, Earl Applying GIS Methods to Economic Value of Recreation as it Relates to Water Delivery 1291 2004 2004
Engel, Paula Water Bank Incentive Structures 521 2004 2004
England, John Methodology and Data for Quantifying Extreme Precipitation Events in a Changing Climate 1385 2012 2013
England, John New US National Flood Frequency Guidelines 1295 2008 2008
England, John Testing and Improving Distributed Runoff Models for Flood Forecasting as part of the National Weather Service (NWS) Distributed Hydrologic Modeling Intercomparison Project Phase 2 (DMIP 2) 9376 2006 2008
England, John Using Radar Rainfall and a Distributed Runoff Model to Determine Potential Reservoir Water Storage Gains 7845 2005 2006
Fahy, Juli Comparison of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Soil Extraction Method 3051 with USGS Perchloric Acid Soil Extraction Method 849 2004 2005
Fahy, Juli Evaluation of Selenium Loading Associated with Phytoremediation & Mancos Shale Projects in the Uncompahgre Valley 1042 2004 2006
Faubion, Rosalie Use of Artificial Den Structures by Endangered San Joaquin Kit Foxes 1104 2004 2004
Fenton, Kathleen Development of a Spatial Model for Saltcedar using GIS to Map Present Range, Predict Future Spread of Untreated Saltcedar and Select Restoration Sites Most Likely to be Successfully Restored to Desirable Native Vegetation 1361 2004 2004
Ferguson, Ian Michael Continued Field Measurement of Riparian ET, Lower Colorado River Basin 3484 2013 2013
Ferguson, Ian Michael Continued Field Measurement of Riparian ET, Lower Colorado River Basin 6224 2014 2015
Ferguson, Ian Michael Development of Forecast and Decision Calendars to Facilitate Improved Forecast Applications by Reclamation Decisionmakers 1381 2012 2012
Ferguson, Ian Michael Dynamic Simulation of Reclamation's Surface-Water Operations in MODFLOW-Based Hydrologic Models 6672 2016 2016
Ferguson, Ian Michael Field Measurement of Riparian ET, Lower Colorado River Basin -- Decommissioning and Final Data Report 3854 2016 2016
Ferguson, Ian Michael Quantifying the Benefits of Integrated Surface Water-Ground Water Modeling for Climate Impact Analyses 9048 2012 2012
Fisher, Lynne Evaluation of Municipal and Industrial (M&I) Water Conservation Measures Through Actual Water Savings and Cost/Benefit Analysis 750 2004 2005
FitzHugh, Thomas Investigation of Software Tools for Visualization of Results from Water Resources Planning Models 3265 2015 2015
Fitzgerald, Gretchen Can Water Catchments Mitigate for Wildlife (Bighorn Sheep) Mortality, Due to Occurrence of Blue Green Algae (_Cyanobacterial_ Toxins) in Owyhee Reservoir? 2874 2009 2010
Fitzmaurice, Michael Near-Real-Time Visualization of Water Quality in Rivers and Estuaries in the western United States. 7172 2013 2013
Foraker, Erin K Hydro Power Roadmap 9488 2014 2014
Fotherby, Lisa Conceptual Model for Predicting Changes in River Pattern and Form, in Response to Management Actions 5618 2009 2009
Frevert, Don Develop, Test and Implement Enhancements to the Hydrologic Database (HDB) to Enable its Use as a Database of Record for Several Reclamation Offices 681 2004 2005
Frevert, Don Enhanced Water Accounting Information System for Watershed and River Systems Management Program - DSS modeling and database tools. 1294 2004 2004
Frevert, Don Evaluation of Reclamation-wide Needs for Risk and Uncertainty Capabilities in Water Resources Decisionmaking Tools 6620 2005 2005
Frevert, Don Evaluation of capabilities and Needs for a Joint Surface Water--Ground Water Decision Support System on the Lower Platte River Basin 5378 2005 2005
Frevert, Don Watershed and River Systems Management Program--Columbia Basins Project Decision Support System (DSS) 621 2004 2005
Frevert, Don Watershed and River Systems Management Program--Truckee River Basin Decision Support System (DSS) 664 2004 2005
Frizell, Kathy Evaluation and Innovative Solutions to Reclamation Spillway and Water Conveyance Structure Needs (IR2-FY03-007-BOR) 429 2004 2005
Frizell, Warren Enhanced Techniques and Technology for Sensing Cavitation Damage and Crack Initiation in Hydraulic Equipment 7804 2005 2005
Frizell, Warren Enhanced Techniques and Technology for Sensing Cavitation Damage and Crack Initiation in Hydraulic Equipment 4037 2006 2007
Frizell, Warren Innovative Solutions to Improve Water Delivery: Demonstration of a Newly Patented Flow-Control Valve 1064 2004 2006
Fuerst, Richard Infiltration Gallery Database 7020 2005 2005
Gaeuman, David Assessment of Habitat Complexity and Ecological Functions Provided by Gravel Bars Resulting from Gravel Augmentation and Channel Rehabilitation 5907 2013 2013
Gaeuman, David Bedload Adaptation Length for Modeling Bed Evolution in Gravel-bed Rivers 3054 2012 2013
Gaeuman, David Compilation and Assessment of River Restoration Evaluation Metrics 7592 2014 2014
Gaeuman, David Monitoring the Effectiveness of Gravel Augmentations Downstream from Dams for Habitat Improvements 295 2010 2012
Gaeuman, David Seismic Monitoring of Bedload Transport in Large Gravel-bed Rivers 5561 2015 2015
Gallagher, Theresa 3D Laser Ear Scanning 8479 2016 2016
Gallagher, Theresa Develop advanced engineering controls for further noise reduction in Chandler and Roza or in Seminoe Powerplants 8849 2015 2015
Gallagher, Theresa Identify Primary Noise Sources in the Powerplant and Implement Noise Engineering Controls to Reduce Exposures to Employees 6433 2012 2014
Gallagher, Theresa Implementing Noise Engineering Controls in larger powerplant 8181 2015 2015
Gangopadhyay, Subhrendu Analysis of infrequent large groundwater recharge events: Their importance for long-term groundwater availability, use, and management 5424 2014 2015
Gangopadhyay, Subhrendu Flood Frequency Variability on Seasonal to Multidecadal Time Scales in the Western US and Implications for Infrastructure Planning 1916 2013 2015
Gangopadhyay, Subhrendu Forecasting Crop Irrigation Water Requirements 1472 2014 2014
Gangopadhyay, Subhrendu Importance of Temporal and Spatial Scale on Basin-Scale Groundwater Recharge Estimates in Historical and Projected Climate Change Conditions 9037 2016 2016
Gangopadhyay, Subhrendu Soil-Water-Balance Recharge Estimates for the Upper Colorado River Basin under Climate Change 2005 2015 2015
Gangopadhyay, Subhrendu Understanding how Different Versions of Distributed Historical Weather Data Affect Hydrologic Model Calibration and Climate Projection Downscaling 675 2011 2012
Gangopadhyay, Subhrendu West-Wide Drought Assessment Using Paleoclimate and Bias-Correction Spatial Disaggregation (BCSD) ... Climate Projections 99 2012 2012
Gaston, Todd Adaptation of Western US Agriculture to Climate Change Induced Water Scarcity 7430 2013 2013
Gault, Greg Design and Development of a Prototype Tool for Integrated Climate Downscaling and Streamflow Prediction using Open Source GIS Software 9449 2013 2014
Gault, Greg Linking Documents and Information Stored in Sharepoint Libraries to Geospatial Representations of Reclamation Features 2998 2010 2010
Germann, John Cavitation Detection Technology for Optimizing Hydraulic Turbine Operation and Maintenance 2386 2014 2014
Germann, John Cavitation Detection Technology for Optimizing Hydraulic Turbine Operation and Maintenance 2944 2015 2015
Germann, John Effective Cavitation Detection Techniques for Hydraulic Turbines 9933 2011 2013
Germann, John Shear Pin Failure Prediction Through the Use of Acoustic Emission Sensing and Analysis 7567 2013 2014
Germann, John Shear Pin Failure Prediction Through the Use of Acoustic Emission Sensing and Analysis 8542 2015 2015
Gessford, Lisa Verification and Testing of a Numerical Model for Evaluating Issues Related to Water Supply Reliability, Water Quality and Ecosystem Health 245 2005 2007
Gill, Tom Affordable Self-Cleaning Trash Rack 3107 2011 2013
Gill, Tom Centralized Information on Reclamation Field Test/Demonstration Sites for Improving Management of Agricultural Water 1061 2004 2005
Gill, Tom Database for Field Performance of Electronic Water Level Sensors 216 2011 2013
Gill, Tom Demonstration of Radio Telemetered Flow Monitoring and Canal Control Technologies 393 2006 2010
Gill, Tom Design Refinement and Construction Drawings for Overshot Gates that Irrigation Districts can Construct Themselves 2319 2011 2013
Gill, Tom Development and Deployment of Affordable Technologies for Flow Measurement and Delivery Control (WS3-FY03-004-LC) 433 2004 2004
Gill, Tom Development and Testing of an Overshot Gate Design that Irrigation Districts Can Self-Construct and Maintain 6890 2008 2010
Gill, Tom Development of technologies for water budgeting and analyzing effects of water management practices on downstream water supplies and water quality in the South Platte and Arkansas Basins 803 2004 2004
Gill, Tom Development testing and demonstration of components of a canal modernization system 726 2004 2004
Gill, Tom Flow Measurement with a Venturi Flume Under Submerged or Unsubmerged Conditions 495 2006 2010
Gill, Tom Living Laboratory for Canal Modernization Technologies 7316 2007 2010
Gill, Tom Programmable Logic Control of Automated Surface Irrigation Systems for Improved Water Use Efficiency 3877 2008 2010
Gill, Tom Prototype Development and Field Testing/Demonstroation of Automated Delivery Systems Compatible with Improved Efficiency Application of Irrigation Water 434 2004 2006
Gill, Tom Self-Assembled Low-Cost Electronic Continuous Flow Meter 3024 2006 2007
Gill, Tom Wireless Automated Control of Surface Irrigation Systems for Improved Irrigation Efficiency 8969 2011 2013
Gjerde, James Enhancing Project Performance: Integrating Risk, Uncertainty and Risk-Cost-Benefit (RUCB) Procedures into Project Operation and Planning Analyses 9616 2008 2008
Gjerde, James Estimating Municipal, Rural and Industrial Water Requirements 601 2004 2004
Godaire, Jeanne Drought and Flood Magnitude and Frequency with Uncertainty 7325 2008 2010
Godaire, Jeanne Linking Extreme Precipitation and Floods: Implications for Climate Change Scenarios 879 2012 2012
Godaire, Jeanne Solutions for Habitat-Critical Side Channel Loss 6257 2009 2009
Goettlicher, Bill Developing a New Methodology to Determine Economic Consequences of Mishaps Along Urbanized Canals with Customized Loss Estimation Software and Referencing High Resolution Imagery and LIDAR Acquired During a Canal Breach 8621 2010 2010
Good, Darryl Viability of Computer/Robotic Controlled Penstock Coating Removal and Application 4047 2016 2016
Graf, Phil Improving the Quality of Irrigation Drainage Water Being Used to Support a Wildlife Refuge 1 2004 2004
Greimann, Blair Assessing and Reducing the Uncertainty of Predictions from Hydraulic and Hydrologic Models 8128 2007 2009
Greimann, Blair Assessing and Reducing the Uncertainty of Predictions from Hydraulic and Hydrologic Models 9320 2011 2013
Greimann, Blair Developing tool to assess model uncertainty in sediment simulation 8680 2015 2015
Greimann, Blair Effects of Climate Change and Reservoir Operations on Riparian Vegetation 1596 2014 2015
Greimann, Blair Monitoring of the Lake Powell Delta 6847 2006 2006
Greimann, Blair Predicting the Interactions between Flow, Sediment, and Riparian Vegetation 1368 2011 2013
Greimann, Blair Prediction of Bank Erosion to Improve River Restoration Strategies and Reservoir Sediment Management 6606 2010 2012
Greimann, Blair Prediction of Impacts Associated with Reservoir Sediment Management 1262 2004 2005
Greimann, Blair Prediction of River Meandering and Habitat Formation 92 2006 2008
Guenthner, Scott Modeling and Field Experimentation to Determine the Effects of Terracing and Small Reservoirs on Water Supplies in the Republican River Basin above Hardy, Nebraska 9517 2006 2009
Guerra, Katherine An Analysis of Nanofiltration Treatment Applications on Recycled and Potable Water Supplies 400 2011 2011
Guerra, Katherine Assessment of Low-pressure Membrane Technology to Reduce the Cost of Desalination 4141 2011 2012
Guerra, Katherine Chemical Treatment Technology for Removal of Selenium 9030 2007 2008
Guerra, Katherine Development and Commercialization of Chlorine Resistant Membranes 6789 2015 2015
Guerra, Katherine Development and evaluation of a hybrid photovoltaic reverse osmosis system for treating brackish groundwater 1340 2014 2015
Guerra, Katherine Development of Coatings for Polymeric Membranes to Minimize Biofouling 9741 2008 2009
Guerra, Katherine Development of new chlorine-resistant polyamide membranes 4924 2014 2014
Guerra, Katherine Evaluating the costs and benefits of treating locally impaired water supply sources versus importation of fresh water 9252 2014 2014
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Williams, Nick Modeling Changes in Water Quality Resulting from Sediment Delta Interactions 589 2009 2013
Williams, Nick Testing COE-CE-QUAL-W2 Reservoir Water Quality Model Algal Grouping Code 1285 2004 2005
Winslow, David Facility Management of Reclamation's Dams - The Unified Intelligent Model 9748 2016 2016
Wittler, Rodney J Augmentation of CVP Water Supplies Through Reservoir Reoperation and Conjunctive Use With Fluvial Process Restoration 1402 2004 2004
Wittler, Rodney J Climate Change: Carbon Sequestration in Reclamation Reservoirs--Viable Operations to Counter Green House Gasses (GHG) 2814 2010 2010
Wydoski, Rick Is Reclamation's Razorback Sucker Augmentation Program in Lake Havasu successful? 721 2004 2006
Yokoyama, Ken Microbubble Production via Venturi Concept to Degas Supersaturated Water 8345 2005 2007
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