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Jennifer Johnson

Reclamation Office: Pacific Northwest Region, Pacific Northwest Regional Office
Contact Information: (208) 378-5225, jmjohnson@usbr.gov

Research Funded by the Science and Technology Program

Jennifer Johnson began doing research for the Science and Technology Program in the 2004 fiscal year, with funding provided by the program as recently as the 2014 fiscal year. Projects were funded under the Science and Technology Program research topics Water Operation Models and Decision Support Systems, Water Resource Data Analysis, Agriculture Water Supplies, Water Marketing and Groundwater Storage.

The following research projects were funded in whole or in part by the Science and Technology Program. Jennifer Johnson is listed as the principal investigator, or primary researcher. Click the project's title to view more information.

Hydro-Economic Model Completion and Technology Transfer

Project ID: 8937
Fiscal Years of Funding: 2013 - 2014
Research Results: contact Jennifer Johnson

Investigating the Impact of River Regulation on Groundwater Supplies in the Western US

Project ID: 2892
Fiscal Years of Funding: 2013 - 2014
Research Results: contact Jennifer Johnson

MODSIM versus RiverWare: A comparative analysis of two surface water modeling tools.

Project ID: 3669
Fiscal Year of Funding: 2014
Research Results: contact Jennifer Johnson

Scoping Methods for Evaluating and Computing Future Agricultural Water Needs

Project ID: 596
Fiscal Year of Funding: 2014
Research Results: contact Jennifer Johnson

A Method for Developing Daily Flow Data from Monthly Model Output that can be Used for Risk Assessment

Project ID: 2582
Fiscal Years of Funding: 2011 - 2012
Research Results: Document ID 686 contains protected information and it cannot be freely downloaded from USBR.gov. Please contact the Principal Investigator to request a copy of this document.

Climate Change: Evaluating Water Management Responses to Global Climate Change Using Coupled Hydrologic and Economic Models

Project ID: 507
Fiscal Years of Funding: 2009 - 2012
Research Results: Hydro-Economic Modeling of Boise Basin Water mangement Responses to Climate Change (final, PDF, 1.4MB)

Development of a Multiaquifer Hydrologic Modeling Package to Support Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) Water Use Planning in Rural/Urban Landscapes

Project ID: 60
Fiscal Years of Funding: 2008 - 2012
Research Results: Working Document - User's Manual for ArcTim: a GIS based interface for TimML (final, PDF, 213KB)

Developing a Framework for Quantifying and Effectively Communicating Ground Water Model Uncertainty

Project ID: 820
Fiscal Years of Funding: 2009 - 2010
Research Results: A methodology that would be used by all Reclamation groundwater modelers to quantify the uncertainty in groundwater model outputs. (final, PDF, 373KB)

Model analysis of integrated surface- and ground-water hydrologic response to climate change

Project ID: 2885
Fiscal Year of Funding: 2009
Research Results:

Evaluation of Alternative Legal, Institutional, Economic, and Hydrologic Approaches for Ground-Water Banking to Facilitate Water Transfers among Uses And Users in the Snake River Basin.

Project ID: 901
Fiscal Years of Funding: 2004 - 2008
Research Results: Groundwater Banking and Conjunctive Mangement of Groundwater and Surface Water in the Upper Snake River basin of Idaho (final, PDF, 8.9MB)

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