Scott Guenthner

Reclamation Office: Great Plains Region, Great Plains Regional Office
Contact Information: (406) 247-7736,

Research Funded by the Science and Technology Program

Scott Guenthner began doing research for the Science and Technology Program in the 2006 fiscal year, with funding provided by the program as recently as the 2009 fiscal year. Projects were funded under the Science and Technology Program research topic Water Operation Models and Decision Support Systems.

The following research project was funded in whole or in part by the Science and Technology Program. Scott Guenthner is listed as the principal investigator, or primary researcher. Click the project's title to view more information.

Modeling and Field Experimentation to Determine the Effects of Terracing and Small Reservoirs on Water Supplies in the Republican River Basin above Hardy, Nebraska

Project ID: 9517
Fiscal Years of Funding: 2006 - 2009
Research Results: contact Scott Guenthner

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Last Updated: 11/15/16