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Science and Technology Research

The Science and Technology Program has various research categories with multiple research topics assigned to each one. The lead researcher for each project chooses one research topic when submitting the original proposal. Click on a highlighted Researcher link to learn more about that project's Principal Investigator or click on a linked project title to view that project's details.

Conserving or Expanding Water Supplies

Enhance water supplies for Reclamation stakeholders with new technologies, solutions, and practices that expand, liberate, or conserve water supplies.

Researcher Title ID Start Year End Year
Adams, Angela Evaluating Thin-film Nanocomposite Membranes to Treat Brackish Waters through Reverse Osmosis 5349 2013 2013
Arias-Paic, Miguel Beneficial Reuse and Waste Minimization of Hexavalent Chrome Ion Exchange Brine 9085 2016 2016
Arias-Paic, Miguel Forward Osmosis Evaluation and Applications for Reclamation 7911 2015 2015
Arias-Paic, Miguel Robust Water Treatment Systems for Rural and Small Communities 1759 2014 2015
Baker, Michael Evaluation of Residential Irrigation Controller with On-Site Weather Station for Reduction of Water Use, Deep Percolation and Salt and Selenium Loading in Arid Landscapes 8607 2007 2008
Balcombe, Collins Identifying Reclamation-wide Water Quality Challenges 5144 2016 2016
Black Sr., Kevin Lee Single Well Brackish Ground Water Recovery and Brine Disposal 8427 2012 2012
Burnett, Roger Demonstration of Field Scale Applications to Control Water Logging and Stalinization 2193 2005 2009
Burnett, Roger Evaluation of Leaching Requirements and Salt Balance in the Arkansas River Valley of Colorado 1244 2004 2004
Burnett, Roger Soil Salinity and Drainage Requirement Using Recycled Drainwater for Crops 7283 2005 2005
Carlson, John Using Satellite Imagery to Locate Arundo 7602 2008 2008
Chapman, Michelle J Development of Membrane Characterization Methods 961 2004 2005
Chapman, Michelle J Development of a Method for Evaluating Sequence of Water Use to Maximize Benefit of Treatment and Minimize Impact to the Environment 7060 2006 2007
Chapman, Michelle J Strategies for Treating Variable Source Water 9316 2010 2013
Chapman, Michelle J Zero Liquid Discharge Desalination for Rural Desert Communities 1963 2005 2005
Clark, Douglas Examining the Use of Adaptive Management Workshops to Foster Collaboration 9132 2008 2010
Clark, Douglas Research and Development of a Comprehensive Guide of Tools for Management of Diverging Science in Reclamation Water Allocation Decisions 7515 2008 2010
Clark, Douglas Research and Development of a Comprehensive Guide of Tools for Management of Diverging Science in Reclamation Water Allocation Decisions 7645 2011 2011
Clark, Douglas Western Water Institutional Solutions: Identification, Development, and Application of Institutional Solutions for Western Water Problems 147 2006 2010
Coulter, Thayne Applied Research on Improving the Management of Urban Encroachment on Reclamation Facilities, with Emphasis on Irrigation Districts 821 2004 2006
Coulter, Thayne Opportunities and Constraints to Irrigation District and Individual Grower Investment in Water Conservation Under Reclamation Projectstitle has not been entered yet 1144 2004 2004
Coulter, Thayne Social Factors Affecting the Transfer of Modern Water Management Technologies to Irrigation Districts 2786 2005 2006
Dahm, Katharine Produced Water Treatment Primer for Oil and Gas Operations 1617 2013 2014
Dahm, Katharine Treatment and Beneficial Use of Produced Water in the western U.S. 3259 2011 2012
Delagah, Saied Cellulose Acetate Membrane 1526 2013 2013
Delagah, Saied Cellulose Acetate Membrane Improvements 9000 2011 2012
Delagah, Saied Concentrate Management Modeling, Design, and Optimization 3464 2011 2011
Delagah, Saied Concentrate Management Toolbox and Selected Case Studies 5239 2015 2015
Delagah, Saied Concentrate Minimization via Pellet Softening - Process Evaluation and Pilot Study 2444 2012 2014
Delagah, Saied Contaminant of Concern (CEC) in Potable Reuse Concentrate 4243 2016 2016
Delagah, Saied MWDOC Sea Water Pilot Desalination Study QA/QC and Peer Review 3879 2012 2012
Delagah, Saied Renewable Energy Evaluation for Zero Liquid Discharge Processes 7399 2012 2013
Delagah, Saied Underwater Desalination--Reduces Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Costs Significantly and Addresses Concentrate Disposal Issues 6586 2010 2010
Delagah, Saied West Basin Ocean Water Desalination Demonstration 7720 2011 2012
Dundorf, Steve Brackish Water Treatment for Native American and Small Communities in the Pacific Northwest Region 1282 2004 2004
Dundorf, Steve Demonstration Forward Osmosis Treatment System 326 2014 2014
Dundorf, Steve Forward Osmosis Treatment System Assessment 9740 2013 2013
Dundorf, Steve Membrane Pretreatment with Ion Exchange for Natural Organic Matter (NOM) Removal 536 2010 2012
Dundorf, Steve Optimization of Energy Recovery Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems 9081 2005 2009
Dundorf, Steve Optimization of Energy Recovery in Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems 1088 2010 2011
Eggleston, Keith San Xavier district Recharge Water Quality Study 503 2004 2004
Einhellig, Robert Canal Operation and Control Development 9403 2005 2005
Einhellig, Robert Development and Deployment of Low-Cost Flow Measurement for Irrigation Applications (WS3-FY03-002-BOR) 435 2004 2004
Einhellig, Robert Water Technology Information Resource 494 2006 2007
Engel, Paula Water Bank Incentive Structures 521 2004 2004
Gaston, Todd Adaptation of Western US Agriculture to Climate Change Induced Water Scarcity 7430 2013 2013
Gill, Tom Affordable Self-Cleaning Trash Rack 3107 2011 2013
Gill, Tom Centralized Information on Reclamation Field Test/Demonstration Sites for Improving Management of Agricultural Water 1061 2004 2005
Gill, Tom Database for Field Performance of Electronic Water Level Sensors 216 2011 2013
Gill, Tom Demonstration of Radio Telemetered Flow Monitoring and Canal Control Technologies 393 2006 2010
Gill, Tom Design Refinement and Construction Drawings for Overshot Gates that Irrigation Districts can Construct Themselves 2319 2011 2013
Gill, Tom Development and Deployment of Affordable Technologies for Flow Measurement and Delivery Control (WS3-FY03-004-LC) 433 2004 2004
Gill, Tom Development and Testing of an Overshot Gate Design that Irrigation Districts Can Self-Construct and Maintain 6890 2008 2010
Gill, Tom Development testing and demonstration of components of a canal modernization system 726 2004 2004
Gill, Tom Flow Measurement with a Venturi Flume Under Submerged or Unsubmerged Conditions 495 2006 2010
Gill, Tom Living Laboratory for Canal Modernization Technologies 7316 2007 2010
Gill, Tom Programmable Logic Control of Automated Surface Irrigation Systems for Improved Water Use Efficiency 3877 2008 2010
Gill, Tom Prototype Development and Field Testing/Demonstroation of Automated Delivery Systems Compatible with Improved Efficiency Application of Irrigation Water 434 2004 2006
Gill, Tom Self-Assembled Low-Cost Electronic Continuous Flow Meter 3024 2006 2007
Gill, Tom Wireless Automated Control of Surface Irrigation Systems for Improved Irrigation Efficiency 8969 2011 2013
Guerra, Katherine An Analysis of Nanofiltration Treatment Applications on Recycled and Potable Water Supplies 400 2011 2011
Guerra, Katherine Assessment of Low-pressure Membrane Technology to Reduce the Cost of Desalination 4141 2011 2012
Guerra, Katherine Chemical Treatment Technology for Removal of Selenium 9030 2007 2008
Guerra, Katherine Development and Commercialization of Chlorine Resistant Membranes 6789 2015 2015
Guerra, Katherine Development and evaluation of a hybrid photovoltaic reverse osmosis system for treating brackish groundwater 1340 2014 2015
Guerra, Katherine Development of Coatings for Polymeric Membranes to Minimize Biofouling 9741 2008 2009
Guerra, Katherine Development of new chlorine-resistant polyamide membranes 4924 2014 2014
Guerra, Katherine Evaluating the costs and benefits of treating locally impaired water supply sources versus importation of fresh water 9252 2014 2014
Guerra, Katherine Evaluation of Hybrid Pulsed-Power Electromagnetic/Reverse Osmosis System 3195 2011 2011
Guerra, Katherine Fouling Resistant Membrane for Produced Water Desalination 8552 2006 2006
Guerra, Katherine Investigation of benefit and application of desalination fuel cells to meet Reclamation's rural water needs 8673 2013 2013
Guerra, Katherine Surface Modification to Nanofiltration (NF) Membranes 9549 2005 2006
Guerra, Katherine Treatment of Produced Water for Beneficial Use in the Western United States 3180 2007 2010
Hamel, Jama Broad Area Irrigation Scheduling Mobile App 966 2014 2014
Hamel, Jama Case Studies and Outreach using Irrigation Scheduler Mobile and Android Development 2000 2016 2016
Hamilton, Bob Demonstration of Agricultural Impacts Analysis Linked to Water Management Solutions 8037 2005 2005
Hamilton, Bob Improved Decisionmaking for Water Marketing Through Stochastic Modeling Under Climactic and Economic Uncertainty 8804 2005 2005
Hamilton, Bob Market Mechanisms for Addressing Water Supply Needs 683 2004 2006
Hansen, Roger Development of Low-Cost Automation and Internet Decision Support Technologies for Improving River Basin Operations 1302 2004 2007
Haws, Mitchell Literature Review and Scoping of a Study to Identify Efficiencies in the Energy and Water Nexus in Arizona 1197 2010 2010
Haws, Mitchell Solar Photovoltaic Desalination 4850 2011 2014
Haws, Mitchell Solar Photovoltaic Desalination Using Distillation 6806 2015 2015
Heiner, Bryan Evaluation of Low-cost Ultrasonic Flow Meters 6578 2011 2012
Heiner, Bryan Field Evaluation of Low-cost Ultrasonic Flow Meters 8632 2014 2015
Heiner, Bryan Field Performance Evaluation of Water Level Sensors 7833 2015 2015
Heiner, Bryan Measurement Device Calibration with Light Detection and Ranging and Flow3D 5505 2011 2011
Hellekson, Stephanie The Use of a Numerical Ground Water Flow Model to Assess the Effects of Leakage from Irrigation Canals and Laterals on Domestic Water Supply Wells in the Helena Valley, Montana 2909 2007 2007
Hoag, Anna An Evaluation of Water Management Opportunities Related to Oil and Gas Development – Upper Washita River Basin, Oklahoma 3607 2014 2014
Hoag, Anna Development of Methodologies to Evaluate the Environmental, Financial and Social Benefits of Water Reuse Projects 4180 2014 2014
Hoag, Anna Integrating Reclamation Advanced Water Treatment Research Priorities into Pilot and Demonstration Projects 1009 2014 2014
Holdren, Chris Investigating an Innovative Constructed Wetland Design for Removing Endocrine Disrupting Compounds from Reclaimed Wastewater 9589 2013 2015
Holler, Eric Long-term Testing near Tucson, Arizona of Concentrate Management using Halophyte Irrigation; Uses Slowsand Filtration (SSF) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) Treatment to Produce the Needed Concentrate 6551 2005 2010
Hosler, Denise Evaluation of an Innovative Constructed Wetland Designed to Remove Endocrine Disrupting Compounds from Reclaimed Wastewater 8896 2016 2016
Hosler, Denise Impacts of Reused/Reclamed Water: Risks and Benefits 9782 2015 2015
Irvine, Scott Pilot Study of Calcium Removal Pretreatment and Desalination of Irrigation Drainage 1102 2004 2005
Irvine, Scott Selenium Removal from Irrigation Drainage in the San Joaquin Valley 962 2004 2005
Jackson, Bethany Refining Interpretation Techniques for Determining Brackish Aquifer Water Quality 2924 2016 2016
Jackson, Bethany Using Heat as a Tracer to Better Understand Unlined Conveyance Seepage in an Arid Climate 8001 2016 2016
Johnson, Jennifer Climate Change: Evaluating Water Management Responses to Global Climate Change Using Coupled Hydrologic and Economic Models 507 2009 2012
Johnson, Jennifer Developing a Framework for Quantifying and Effectively Communicating Ground Water Model Uncertainty 820 2009 2010
Johnson, Jennifer Development of a Multiaquifer Hydrologic Modeling Package to Support Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) Water Use Planning in Rural/Urban Landscapes 60 2008 2012
Johnson, Jennifer Evaluating Future Agricultural Water Needs using Integrated Modeling Methods 1588 2015 2015
Johnson, Jennifer Evaluation of Alternative Legal, Institutional, Economic, and Hydrologic Approaches for Ground-Water Banking to Facilitate Water Transfers among Uses And Users in the Snake River Basin. 901 2004 2008
Johnson, Jennifer Scoping Methods for Evaluating and Computing Future Agricultural Water Needs 596 2014 2014
Keele, Jacque Using eDNA to test for pathogens in reused water 9719 2016 2016
Keele, Jacque Water Reuse and Agriculture: Impacts on Land and Plants 4605 2016 2016
Kelly, Kevin L. Boron Removal From Seawater 5333 2010 2010
Kelly, Kevin L. Boron Removal from Seawater 9566 2006 2008
Kelly, Kevin L. Molecular Modeling of Membranes 1933 2005 2005
Kelly, Kevin L. Nuisance Aquatic Vegetation Control in Water Delivery Systems: Low-Dose Metered Herbicide Application 3968 2016 2016
Korak, Julie Monitoring strategies for direct reuse of reclaimed water 365 2016 2016
Krzys, Greg Groundwater Reliability Improvement Program through Indirect Potable Reuse 7251 2011 2011
Landis, Mike Direct Reuse of Treated Sewage for Augmenting Potable Water Supplies 1443 2004 2004
Leitz, Frank Developing a deterministic model for predicting cleaning frequency due to inorganic scaling on reverse osmosis membranes 792 2013 2014
Liljegren, Fred Back to the Future Part 2 1967 2013 2013
Liljegren, Fred Reclamation's Major Urban Conservation Opportunity--Efficient Turf Irrigation 6976 2007 2008
Liljegren, Fred The Real Deal: Actual Water Use in Irrigated Landscapes by Mining Water Billing Data 215 2010 2010
Lindeman, Dale Nuisance Aquatic Plant Control in Water Delivery Systems 6688 2014 2014
Lindeman, Dale Nuisance Aquatic Vegetation Control in Water Delivery Systems: mapping and monitoring vegetation biomass 1725 2015 2015
Matanga, George State-of-the-art Geophysical and Ground Water Salinity Logging Applied in Numerical Analysis of Water Quality in Wetland-Ground Water Systems 1062 2004 2007
Matanga, George Testing of the Subtiming and Subgridding Algorithms Incorporated into HydroSphere to Handle Intensive Computational Demand 762 2004 2008
Meuleman, Allyn Development of a Coupled Hydrologic and Economic-Trading Model to Evaluate Water Trading and Water Markets in Southern Idaho 5330 2006 2008
Moody, Chuck Forward Osmosis Water Purification 8944 2011 2013
Moody, Chuck Foward Osmosis (FO) Water Purification 1289 2004 2010
Moody, Chuck Slowsand Filtration (SSF) for Reducing Costs of Desalting Surface Waters 361 2004 2010
Moody, Chuck Slowsand Filtration for Reducing Costs of Desalting Surface Waters 5840 2011 2012
Murphy, Andrew Cellulose Acetate (CA) Membrane Study 107 2005 2010
Murphy, Andrew Developing the Next Generation Chlorine Resistant, High Flux, and High Salt Rejection Polyamide Desalting Membrane to Increase Water Supply 526 2004 2010
Murphy, Andrew Development of a Novel Desalting Treatment Technology 342 2004 2004
Osterberg, John Evaluation and Use of Alternative Sealants to Reduce Seepage Losses in Canals 485 2011 2011
Palmer, Peter Development of Crop Coefficients for the New ASCE-EWRI Standardized Reference Evapotranspiration Model 9890 2005 2005
Parrott, Stanley Conceptual water budget model for screening analysis of supplemental water supply projects 5289 2015 2015
Piper, Steven Effectiveness of Conservation Pricing in Reducing Water Demand, Evidence from Increasing Block Rate Structures 414 2011 2013
Piper, Steven Effectiveness of Rebate Programs in Reducing Household and Commercial Water Use 1591 2012 2012
Porras Mendoza, Yuliana E Cost of desalinated water - Current Costs, Trends, and Methodologies 4674 2013 2013
Porras Mendoza, Yuliana E Developing the Next Generation Chlorine-resistant, High Flux, and High-salt Rejection Polyamide Desalting Membrane to Increase Water Supply 8380 2011 2013
Poulson, Tom Comparative Analysis of Innovative Concentrate Management Systems 3699 2008 2010
Poulson, Tom Desalination Reject Concentration and Disposal Pilot Study 584 2004 2005
Poulson, Tom Investigating the Opportunity for Wind-Powered Desalination in Arizona 2326 2008 2008
Rager, Audrey Detecting Canal Leakage with a Tiered Remote Sensing Approach 5326 2015 2015
Remmers, Harry Assess Evaporation Performance of SolarBee Pond Circulator 722 2004 2004
Robertson, Steve Reinforced Concrete Pressure Pipe Stress Distribution 4292 2011 2013
Schrom, Alan Secure, Reliable, Low Cost Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) for Irrigation Water Delivery 1689 2009 2009
Slavin, Tracy Cost-effective Extrapolation of Remote Sensing Data for Assessing Seasonal Wetland Water Requirements 3902 2007 2007
Spears, Mark Development of Improved Evapo-transpiration (ET) Estimates for Predominant Marsh Plant Communities and Open-Water Evaporation Estimates in the Upper Klamath River Basin 6485 2008 2010
Spears, Mark Development of Improved Evapotranspiration Estimates for Predominant Marsh Plant Communities in the Upper Klamath River Basin 1504 2006 2006
Swihart, Jay Improved Water Delivery through Modern Canal Materials 845 2004 2007
Tuel, Darlene Tailoring Irrigation Water from Municipal Reuse Facilities for High Value Crops 747 2004 2005
Tuel, Darlene The Value of Water: Scoping a Research of Analysis 7013 2012 2012
Wahl, Tony Developing Low-Head Coanda-Effect Screens 7147 2005 2008
Wahl, Tony Flow Calibration of Submerged Sluice Gates 2597 2011 2012
Wahl, Tony Flow Measurement with Canal Radial Gates 1281 2004 2010
Wahl, Tony Improving Coanda-Effect Screen Technology 6295 2015 2015
Wahl, Tony Software for Custom Flume and Weir Staff Gages 152 2006 2008
Wahl, Tony TFLI Water Level Sensor Development 3593 2006 2007

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