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Science and Technology Research

The Science and Technology Program has various research categories with multiple research topics assigned to each one. The lead researcher for each project chooses one research topic when submitting the original proposal. Click on a highlighted Researcher link to learn more about that project's Principal Investigator or click on a linked project title to view that project's details.

Water Operations Decision Support

Develop solutions and tools that help Reclamation water managers make effective reservoir and river system operational and planning decisions through better integration, evaluation, understanding, and presentation of critical data and information.

Researcher Title ID Start Year End Year
Adams, Angela Developing a Sustainable Framework to Support Open Data for Reclamation_x0019_s Colorado River Basin Decision Support Systems 5541 2016 2016
Baker, Michael Using Geographic Information System (GIS) and Multivariate Regression to Model Salt and Selenium Loads in Regions of the Upper Colorado River Basin 1182 2004 2006
Bandrowski, David DJ J Large Wood Design Guidelines - National Manual 2754 2013 2013
Beaty, Michael Western U.S. T&E Species Locator Web Service 843 2004 2004
Blatchford, Douglas B. A Web-Based Data Assimilation Framework for Improving Operational Decision Making 4628 2014 2014
Blatchford, Douglas B. A Web-Based Data Assimilation Framework for Improving Operational Decision Making 8730 2015 2015
Blatchford, Douglas B. Evaluation of approaches to determine mixing and assimilation of reuse effluent. 1397 2016 2016
Bowser, Steven Real-time Open-water/Wetted-sands Evaporation Quantification for Water Operations 3014 2005 2006
Brekke, Levi Assessing the Risks of Shifting Climate on Water and Power Operations in Reclamation Regions 6253 2006 2007
Brekke, Levi Climate Change: Assessing Preference Among Surface Water Hydrologic Models for Studies Involving Climate Change 2404 2009 2010
Brekke, Levi Climate Change: Erosion of Water Supply Predictability Under Climate Change? 2726 2009 2010
Brekke, Levi Climate Change: Methodology to Evaluate the Influence of Joint Changes in Climate and Land Cover on Water Availability 2768 2009 2010
Brekke, Levi Climatic Teleconnections for Forecasting Seasonal Water Supply in Reclamation Regions 925 2004 2005
Brekke, Levi Combining Groundwater and Teleconnection Information to Enhance Wet-Season Runoff Forecasting in Central-Southern Oregon Basins 6912 2006 2006
Brekke, Levi Development and Comparison of Long-Term Planning Hydrologies using Alternate Climate Information Sets 6395 2008 2008
Caldwell, Raymond Ingredients-based Climatology and Future Projections of Extreme Precipitation Events Using a Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) Framework 6917 2012 2013
Carlson, John Three-Dimensional Visual Reservoir Sediment Modeling and Animation 6769 2011 2011
Carlson, John Three-dimensional (3D) Visual Reservoir Sediment Modeling and Animation 6770 2010 2010
Clark, Douglas Data Management and Data Stewardship in Reclamation 3789 2011 2012
Clark, Douglas Developing and Maintaining a Community of Interest Dedicated to the Potential Uses of Near Remote Sensing and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Technologies within the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) to Reduce Costs and Add Technical Capacity 3823 2015 2015
Clark, Douglas Examining the Utility of Unmanned Vehicle Technology to Map Topography 4926 2012 2013
Clark, Douglas Exploring Potential Uses of Near Remote Sensing and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Technologies in Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) Science, Engineering, and Operations to Reduce Costs and Add Capabilities 3734 2012 2014
Clark, Douglas Fostering Data Stewardship Best Practices in Reclamation 3840 2015 2015
Clark, Douglas Improving Reclamation's Capacity to Disseminate Information and Receive Feedback 2055 2015 2015
Clark, Douglas Pilot Testing Data Stewardship Processes on River Restoration and Hydrologic Data Sets 3760 2013 2014
Clark, Douglas Reclamation Biological Resources Data Management: Developing an Enterprise Approach 1713 2008 2010
Clark, Douglas Scoping Tools for Water Conflict Management 1380 2014 2014
Clark, Douglas Tools for Managing of Disputes over Science in the Bureau of Reclamation 6641 2013 2013
Clark, Douglas Western Water Information Network (WWIN) 1201 2004 2007
Cuhaciyan, Jennifer Animated Tea-Cup Diagram Tool for Visualization of System-wide Conditions Over Time 631 2016 2016
Dandron, Jeremy Geo-Library Reference Database Area Office Library Materials Accessible through an ArcIMS Interface 7751 2006 2008
Davis, Rob Assessing Economic Impacts to Irrigated Agriculture from Changes in Water Supply: An Assessment Using a Yield-Response Optimization Model 2718 2005 2005
Davis, Rob River Basin Level Economic Impacts (Agricultural Phase) 1292 2004 2004
Dombroski, Daniel Development of Software Tools for Efficient Processing of Bathymetry and Discharge Data 3937 2013 2013
Eckhardt, David Improving Evapotranspiration Maps Obtained from the Remote Sensing of Evapotranspiration (ReSET) Model 2686 2009 2009
Ekstrand, Earl Applying GIS Methods to Economic Value of Recreation as it Relates to Water Delivery 1291 2004 2004
England, John Methodology and Data for Quantifying Extreme Precipitation Events in a Changing Climate 1385 2012 2013
England, John New US National Flood Frequency Guidelines 1295 2008 2008
England, John Testing and Improving Distributed Runoff Models for Flood Forecasting as part of the National Weather Service (NWS) Distributed Hydrologic Modeling Intercomparison Project Phase 2 (DMIP 2) 9376 2006 2008
England, John Using Radar Rainfall and a Distributed Runoff Model to Determine Potential Reservoir Water Storage Gains 7845 2005 2006
Fahy, Juli Evaluation of Selenium Loading Associated with Phytoremediation & Mancos Shale Projects in the Uncompahgre Valley 1042 2004 2006
Ferguson, Ian Michael Continued Field Measurement of Riparian ET, Lower Colorado River Basin 3484 2013 2013
Ferguson, Ian Michael Continued Field Measurement of Riparian ET, Lower Colorado River Basin 6224 2014 2015
Ferguson, Ian Michael Development of Forecast and Decision Calendars to Facilitate Improved Forecast Applications by Reclamation Decisionmakers 1381 2012 2012
Ferguson, Ian Michael Dynamic Simulation of Reclamation's Surface-Water Operations in MODFLOW-Based Hydrologic Models 6672 2016 2016
Ferguson, Ian Michael Field Measurement of Riparian ET, Lower Colorado River Basin -- Decommissioning and Final Data Report 3854 2016 2016
Ferguson, Ian Michael Quantifying the Benefits of Integrated Surface Water-Ground Water Modeling for Climate Impact Analyses 9048 2012 2012
Fisher, Lynne Evaluation of Municipal and Industrial (M&I) Water Conservation Measures Through Actual Water Savings and Cost/Benefit Analysis 750 2004 2005
FitzHugh, Thomas Investigation of Software Tools for Visualization of Results from Water Resources Planning Models 3265 2015 2015
Fitzmaurice, Michael Near-Real-Time Visualization of Water Quality in Rivers and Estuaries in the western United States. 7172 2013 2013
Frevert, Don Develop, Test and Implement Enhancements to the Hydrologic Database (HDB) to Enable its Use as a Database of Record for Several Reclamation Offices 681 2004 2005
Frevert, Don Enhanced Water Accounting Information System for Watershed and River Systems Management Program - DSS modeling and database tools. 1294 2004 2004
Frevert, Don Evaluation of Reclamation-wide Needs for Risk and Uncertainty Capabilities in Water Resources Decisionmaking Tools 6620 2005 2005
Frevert, Don Evaluation of capabilities and Needs for a Joint Surface Water--Ground Water Decision Support System on the Lower Platte River Basin 5378 2005 2005
Frevert, Don Watershed and River Systems Management Program--Columbia Basins Project Decision Support System (DSS) 621 2004 2005
Frevert, Don Watershed and River Systems Management Program--Truckee River Basin Decision Support System (DSS) 664 2004 2005
Gangopadhyay, Subhrendu Analysis of infrequent large groundwater recharge events: Their importance for long-term groundwater availability, use, and management 5424 2014 2015
Gangopadhyay, Subhrendu Flood Frequency Variability on Seasonal to Multidecadal Time Scales in the Western US and Implications for Infrastructure Planning 1916 2013 2015
Gangopadhyay, Subhrendu Forecasting Crop Irrigation Water Requirements 1472 2014 2014
Gangopadhyay, Subhrendu Importance of Temporal and Spatial Scale on Basin-Scale Groundwater Recharge Estimates in Historical and Projected Climate Change Conditions 9037 2016 2016
Gangopadhyay, Subhrendu Soil-Water-Balance Recharge Estimates for the Upper Colorado River Basin under Climate Change 2005 2015 2015
Gangopadhyay, Subhrendu Understanding how Different Versions of Distributed Historical Weather Data Affect Hydrologic Model Calibration and Climate Projection Downscaling 675 2011 2012
Gangopadhyay, Subhrendu West-Wide Drought Assessment Using Paleoclimate and Bias-Correction Spatial Disaggregation (BCSD) ... Climate Projections 99 2012 2012
Gault, Greg Design and Development of a Prototype Tool for Integrated Climate Downscaling and Streamflow Prediction using Open Source GIS Software 9449 2013 2014
Gault, Greg Linking Documents and Information Stored in Sharepoint Libraries to Geospatial Representations of Reclamation Features 2998 2010 2010
Gill, Tom Development of technologies for water budgeting and analyzing effects of water management practices on downstream water supplies and water quality in the South Platte and Arkansas Basins 803 2004 2004
Gjerde, James Enhancing Project Performance: Integrating Risk, Uncertainty and Risk-Cost-Benefit (RUCB) Procedures into Project Operation and Planning Analyses 9616 2008 2008
Gjerde, James Estimating Municipal, Rural and Industrial Water Requirements 601 2004 2004
Godaire, Jeanne Drought and Flood Magnitude and Frequency with Uncertainty 7325 2008 2010
Godaire, Jeanne Linking Extreme Precipitation and Floods: Implications for Climate Change Scenarios 879 2012 2012
Guenthner, Scott Modeling and Field Experimentation to Determine the Effects of Terracing and Small Reservoirs on Water Supplies in the Republican River Basin above Hardy, Nebraska 9517 2006 2009
Halper, Eve A comparison of precipitation downscaling procedures to guide studies of climate change impacts on flooding and water resources 9039 2016 2016
Halper, Eve Estimating Unmetered Ground Water Irrigation Demand with High-Resolution Remote Sensing Data 1545 2012 2012
Hannon, John Using Data on Threatened Steelhead to Effectively Manage Water Operations and Minimize Impacts 1741 2010 2011
Hansen, Roger Evaluation of Potential and Development of a Real Time River Basin Operations Tool 7200 2008 2008
Hansen, Roger Robust Long-term Streamflow Forecasting 7294 2012 2012
Haws, Mitchell Ground Water Modeling Decision Support System 4296 2008 2008
Haws, Mitchell Hydroclimatic Index in Drought Forecasting and Climate Scenario Building for the Colorado River Basin (CRB) 8836 2007 2008
Haws, Mitchell Moisture Balance Drought Index (MBDI) Scenario Building for the Colorado River Basin (CRB) 5546 2010 2010
Hilldale, Robert C. Continued Development of Signal Processing Methods for Surrogate Bedload Measurement on the Elwha River 9562 2010 2010
Holroyd, Ed Multiple Satellite Views of a Melting Snow Pack 861 2004 2004
Holroyd, Ed Remotely Sensed Quantitative Precipitation Estimates in Real-Time for Water Management Applications 862 2004 2005
Hunter, Steven Application of Coupled Snowpack/Hydrologic Modeling to Water Supply and Flood Forecasting in Colorado 4563 2005 2006
Hunter, Steven Improve Streamflow Forecasts 847 2004 2004
Hunter, Steven Use of NASA Land Data Assimilated Products to Improve Flood and Drought Risk Analysis and Forecasting for Water Resources Management in the Columbia River Basin 9343 2005 2006
Jansen-Lute, Chris Direct and Indirect Economic Benefits of Ecologically Based Flows on the South Fork Snake River 684 2004 2004
Johnson, Jennifer A Method for Developing Daily Flow Data from Monthly Model Output that can be Used for Risk Assessment 2582 2011 2012
Johnson, Jennifer Hydro-Economic Model Completion and Technology Transfer 8937 2013 2014
Johnson, Jennifer Investigating the Impact of River Regulation on Groundwater Supplies in the Western US 2892 2013 2014
Johnson, Jennifer MODSIM versus RiverWare: A comparative analysis of two surface water modeling tools. 3669 2014 2014
Johnson, Jennifer Model analysis of integrated surface- and ground-water hydrologic response to climate change 2885 2009 2009
King, David Development of a Generalized Water Supply Index for use in Hydrologic Models. 541 2004 2004
King, David Graphical Policy Analysis Tool 981 2004 2005
Klein, Matthew Photogrammetry Users Group 4549 2016 2016
Kubitschek, Joseph Performance Assessment and Improvement of Hydrodynamic Mathematical Models via Field Observations and Controlled Laboratory Experiments 1598 2005 2007
Larsen, Deena Conveying Climate Change and Variability 3533 2015 2015
Larson, Roger Combined Application of Dynamic Programming and Network Flows Optimization for River Operation Simulation 924 2004 2004
Liljegren, Fred Back to the Future: Innovative Tree Ring Analysis to Reconstruct Paleoclimate and Streamflows for Improved Urban Water Planning Under Climate Change 7855 2011 2012
Lounsbury, Bob Evaluating the integration of water operations models with groundwater models 3895 2016 2016
Makar, Paula Investigation of Climate Change Impact on Reservoir Capacity and Water Supply Reliability 8990 2010 2011
Matanga, George Adaptive Water Operations and Planning Decision Support Using Reliability-Based Global Optimization and HydroGeoSphere Integrated Hydrologic Model 1010 2011 2012
Matanga, George Climate Change: Application of HydroGeoSphere (HGS) Thermal (Temperature) Modules for Evaluation of The Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources and Fish Ecosystems 3821 2010 2010
Meuleman, Allyn Evaluation of the Enhanced Snowmelt Runoff Model to Assist in Water Management Operations and Decision Support 2321 2011 2011
Miller, Ronald Developing and Evaluating Remote Sensing Based Direct Evapo-Transpiration (ET) Models to Improve Water Accounting Efficiency 282 2008 2010
Miller, Ronald Improving the Cost Effectiveness of High Definition Aerial Video to Survey/Quantify Invasive Species Infestations and Endangered Species Habitat to Assist in Adaptive Management of Rivers and Reservoirs 4800 2006 2007
Miller, Ronald Investigating Alternate Methods to Automate Irrigated and Natural Vegetation Classifications for Water Accounting 6676 2005 2008
Mortensen, Josh Comparison of physical observations and simulations of air entrainment 9509 2014 2015
Mortensen, Josh Evaluation of Hydro-Kinetic Impacts to Existing Water Delivery and Power Infrastructure 7317 2014 2015
Munger, Dawn Modeling Economic Effects on Recreation from Dam Re-operation 202 2004 2005
Murray, Christopher Generalized Stream Flow Depletions Model for Historic and Projected Future Climate Scenarios 8013 2014 2014
Murray, Joel Glenn Use of a Continuous Simulation, Process-based Model to Predict Sediment Inflow in Unsurveyed Reservoirs 8653 2015 2015
NgoziBullock, Khadija Reclamation-Wide Site Investigation Data on Tessel 9895 2016 2016
Nickel, Arlan Building Capacity for Incorporating Uncertainties and Communicating Results in Reclamation’s Long Term Planning and Decision-Making Processes 6262 2014 2014
Paquin, Lanie Selective Filtering of Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) Data for Enhanced Surface Representation of River Geomorphology 657 2012 2012
Parker, Nancy HYDROSS Functionality Enhancements 1044 2004 2004
Parker, Nancy Hierarchical Networks for Water Resources Modeling 9078 2006 2007
Parker, Nancy Integration of Project-Scale and Basin Wide Water Management: an Application in the Klamath Project 9800 2006 2007
Parkinson, Sharon Scoping proposal focused on quantifying temperature change to a water body influenced by subsurface return flow 6826 2010 2010
Peltz-Lewis, Lorri Geospatial Integration and Visualization Supporting HydoGeoSphere (HGS) Implementation Research and Integration Utilizing Geospatial Tools 5832 2007 2007
Perry, Thomas Scoping Investigation of the Causes for Significant Snow Cover Losses in Interior Watersheds of the Western United States 7350 2008 2008
Peterson, Eric Integrated Information Management System (IIMS)--an Information and Data Management System for Science Based River Management 165 2006 2009
Peterson, Eric Integrated Information Management System, Development of Web Interface 3625 2010 2011
Peterson, Eric Structure from Motion Photogrammetry: Constructing 3 Dimensional Structure from Ordinary Photography 3835 2015 2015
Piper, Steven Development of Techniques that are Acceptable for Measuring Municipal Water Values, Nonuse Values, Ecosystem Benefits, and Broad Public Benefits as Part of Alternative Evaluation In Feasibility Studies 7305 2009 2009
Piper, Steven Use of the California Urban Water Conservation Council BMP datbase to evaluate water conservation method effectiveness 1408 2014 2014
Prairie, James Enhancing SAMS : Incorporating Nonparametric Data Analysis tools and evaluating its performance 1223 2004 2004
Prairie, James Establishing a Framework for Sharing Risk and Uncertainty Quantification and Communication Strategies in Reclamation Operations 1077 2009 2009
Pruitt, Tom Sensitivity of Hydrologic Impacts Assessment to Downscaling Methodology and Spatial Resolution 1646 2011 2013
Quinn, Nigel Geographic Information System-based Decision Support for Wetland Drainage Salinity Management 2846 2010 2013
Raff, David Climate Based Forecasts for Rule Curve Analysis 9912 2006 2007
Raff, David Climate Change: Multiple Teleconnection Index Based Prediction of Natural Flow 709 2010 2010
Raff, David GeoTools for Rapid Dynamic Channel Analysis and Biological Assessment 6387 2005 2007
Raff, David Non-Linear Operational Volumetric Forecasting 3303 2005 2006
Raff, David Probablistic Operational Inflow Trace Development 2601 2005 2007
Rainger, Lisa HydroGeoSphere (HGS) and Ground Water Modeling System-- Phase I 3279 2008 2010
Redhorse, Becky Scoping water demand for the 17 Western states and identifying types and quantities of Reclamation water deliveries 4240 2012 2012
Rohwer, William Development of WARMF Model Capability to Support San Joaquin River Restoration Planning and Real-Time Water Quality Management 7341 2007 2008
Rothwell, Eric Application of a Physically-Based Distributed Snowmelt Model in Support of Reservoir Operations and Water Management 2264 2013 2015
Rothwell, Eric Application of a Physically-Based Distributed Snowmelt Model in Support of Reservoir Operations and Water Management - Phase 2 2157 2016 2016
Rothwell, Eric Enhancing Predictions of Climate Change Impacts on Snow Distribution and Melt Patterns in the Mountain West 8106 2014 2015
Rothwell, Eric Intermediate-range Climate Forecasting to Support Water Supply and Flood Control with a Regionally Focused Mesoscale Model 9682 2015 2015
Soddell, Jade Potential Reclamation Applications of the Gasoline Microair Vehicle (gMAV) 5063 2012 2012
Spears, Mark Improved Estimation of Reservoir Evaporation 7662 2013 2015
Stillwater, Leslie Enhanced Simulation, Decision Support, and Presentation Capabilities for Modsim, a River Systems Management Model 802 2004 2006
Stillwater, Leslie Past Climate Change and GW Pumping Influences on Historic Streamflow Traces and the Consequences of Using Historic Streamflow Traces in Operations Planning 8404 2008 2008
Stodt, Richard Hydrometeorological Analysis and Prediction of Water Supply and Demand for Water Operations and Planning 1142 2004 2004
Stodt, Richard Use of Land Data Assimilation System Products to Improve Evapo-transpiration (ET) Estimates in the Middle Rio Grande Basin 9996 2005 2006
Swain, Robert GIS-Based Stochastic Event Flood Model 1041 2004 2004
Swoboda, Kristin Inform Reclamation Programs about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Identity Opportunities for Future Applied Research 8168 2013 2013
Swoboda, Kristin UAS Research for Optimal Lightweight Camera/Sensor Options for Low Cost Sensed Data and Imagery 9179 2014 2014
Tansey, Michael A Comparison of Methods for Simulating Agricultural Evapo-transpiration and Crop Yields under Changing Climate Conditions 5431 2012 2012
Tansey, Michael A Comparison of Methods for Simulating Watershed Evapotranspiration and Runoff under Changing Climatic Conditions 2024 2013 2013
Tansey, Michael Development and Testing of Land Atmosphere Water Simulator (LAWS) to for Reservoir and Water Conservation Management via Remote Sensing, GIS, and Atmospheric, Hydrologic and Vegetation Physical Process Models for Planning and Operational Decision-Making 1246 2004 2004
Tansey, Michael Land Atmosphere Water Simulator (LAWS) 2550 2005 2005
Tansey, Michael Land Atmosphere Water Simulator (LAWS) Version 2.0 5983 2006 2006
Tarbet, Karl Time Series Web Service -- 969 2015 2015
Tighi, Shana Enhancement of Risk and Uncertainty Capabilities in Decisionmaking Tools 7938 2006 2006
Tosline, Deborah Mapping the Indirect Economic Impacts of Climate Change and Water Supply Shortages: Supplementing the Colorado River Basin Study with Innovative Information 5222 2016 2016
Wang, Jun Basin-scale real-time flow and salt load visualization for TMDL compliance 3942 2014 2014
Whitesell, Bruce Improving the Spatial Accuracy of Reclamation's Land Records Geographic Information System (GIS) Database 6958 2006 2007
Wille, Kurt Data Fusion of Remote Sensing and Real Time Field Data in Support of Enhanced River Basin Operations 5307 2008 2008
Wille, Kurt Optimizing surface model techniques for digital representation of river channels 2834 2012 2013

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