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Technology Transfer

Chuck Hennig speaks at the FLCThe Technology Transfer Program helps accelerate the transfer through partnerships such as the Federal Laboratory Commission. See The Knowledge Stream January 2013 Technology Transfer Issue (PDF, 2.0 MB)
The Technology Transfer Program helps ensure that Reclamation's research reaches the users in the most effective way possible, via information dissemination or intellectual property protection.

See our FAQ for inventors, a list of technology transfer laws and policies, or contact your Technology Transfer Staff for more information.

Technology Transfer Activities

Most of Reclamation's technologies are transferred through public dissemination, while others require partnering with the private sector mature, mass produce and commercialize the technology into market-ready products.

If an industry partner is needed to transfer the technology into a market-ready product, Reclamation uses the authorities available under Federal technology transfer legislation to protect ideas and technologies, as needed, and form research and licensing partnerships with U.S. manufacturing industries. Reclamation's Technology Transfer Program implements these authorities on behalf of Reclamation.

Technology Transfer Agreements

Reclamation has 31 agreements and has received $872,900 from these agreements as of calendar year January 2012.

Contact your Technology Transfer Staff for more information.

This information was last updated on May 21, 2015
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