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Climate Change Variability (CCV) Projects

The following list of fiscal year 2014 CCV-funded efforts demonstrates how Reclamation's Science and Technology Program supports a mix of research, capacity building, and scoping efforts.

Research - Long-term Climate Change Impacts

Photo of data collection.

Setting up a temperature logger (left) for deployment on a raft equipped with a Real Time Kinematic Global Positioning System (right) used on the Methow River to test data collection methods for input to a two-dimensional hydraulic model.

This research advances Reclamation and community capabilities in climate change preparedness. It involves developing improved methods for using future climate information in water resources planning, as well as improved datasets and tools for assessing impacts to water supplies, water demands, environmental resources, flood frequency, and other operational constraints.

Research - Short-Term Climate Variability, from Floods to Droughts

Photo of September 2013 floods in Boulder Colorado

Boulder Creek near Folsom Street (Boulder, Colorado) during the September 2013 flood event.

This research helps address Reclamation and community needs in addressing present-day climate variability challenges in water management and infrastructure safety. Projects include efforts to improve monitoring and forecast information that support water management from days to seasons, and also efforts to characterize potential for wet weather extremes that pose hazard to dam safety.

Developing Data, Tools, and Training Resources

Montage of data model results and mountain.

Example of high-resolution model outputs for extreme precipitation and Green Mountain Dam, Colorado

These activities build climate adaptation capacity within Reclamation and the greater water resources community. Activities involve facilitated transition of research products and methods, production of information resources, and development of training resources, to name a few examples.

Research Scoping

Graphic showing climate simulations to models and evapotranspiration processes

Potential areas of scoping?

In additional to conducting research projects, the Science and Technology program also supports scoping efforts that potentially inform future research. These activities are short-term, one-year activities that are designed to explore research opportunities, and typically yield products such as literature syntheses or subsequent research proposals.