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Climate Change and Variability Research Goals

The two primary objectives under the umbrella of this research are to improve:

  1. The ability to better understand and assess the impacts of climate change and variability on water and water dependent resources

  2. The ability for water resource managers to adapt to climate driven impacts

Improving the ability to adapt to climate driven impacts includes developing new and better ways to:

  • Conserve water

  • Forecast water supplies

  • Manage water to meet multiple purposes

  • Expand water supplies

  • Provide reliable, efficient, and environmentally responsible hydropower

    generation, and water storage and delivery infrastructure

  • Integrate renewable energies into our workflow processes

The Science and Technology Program has a long history of research investments into these and other methods to more effectively manage water resources subjected to multiple drivers.  These research investments now include increased emphasis on considering climate change and variability as an additional driver.