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Research in 2011

310 Effects of Climate Change on Riparian Vegetation Structure, Water Uptake, and Dependent Pollinators along Mainstem Rivers in the Colorado River Basin

507 Evaluating Water Management Responses to Global Climate Change Using Coupled Hydrologic and Economic Models

675 Understanding How Different Versions of Distributed Historical Weather Data Affect Hydrologic Model Calibration and Climate Projections Downscaling

1158 Physiological Tolerances of Fishes of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California

1646     Sensitivity of Hydrologic Impacts Assessment to Downscaling Methodology and Spatial Resolution

5891   Biological Impacts on Reclamation Operations from Climate Change

6507 Evaluating Climate-Induced Runoff and Temperature Change on Stream Habitat Metrics for Endangered or Threatened Fish

7855     Back to the Future:  Innovative Tree Ring Analysis to Reconstruct Paleoclimate and Streamflows for Improved Urban Water Planning Under Climate Change

8990 Investigation of Climate Change Impact on Reservoir Capacity and Water Supply Reliability

Directed: Assessing Flood Frequency in a Changing Climate

Directed: Characterizing the Uncertainty of Hydrologic Variables Generated Using Nonparametric Techniques

Directed: Climate Projections Downscaling

Directed: Climate Change Training

Directed: Evaluating Optimization Methods to Improve Hydropower Operations and Management

Directed: Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions

Directed: Literature Synthesis on Climate Change Implications for Reclamation’s Water Resources

Directed: Postdocs Applying Climate Expertise Fellowship Program—Climate Change Flood Potential

Directed:  Pump Storage Study-Energy/Water Nexus under Climate Change

Directed: Understanding Preferred Methods for Supporting Climate Adaptation Decision Support

Directed: Vulnerability Analysis of Western Water Resources to Climate Variability and Change