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General Water Supply

Desalination is not necessary for water sources with specific contaminants such as arsenic, manganese, or nitrate. Conventional processes still work for treating these waters. Occasionally, we have funded research to address specific contaminant issues with new methods and materials.

We have also produced the Water Treatment Primer for Communities in Need. This document addresses each contaminant regulated under the EPA Safe Drinking Water Standards and describes mitigation processes and cost estimates.

Science and Technology Program Projects

ID Title Start End Contact Reports
1102 Pilot Study of Calcium Removal Pretreatment and Desalination of Irrigation Drainage 2004 2005 Scott Irvine Halfway Wash Water Treatment Pilot Study (DWPR Report No 148) Appendix 1

Desalting and Water Purification Research Program

Report Title Performing Agency Date Report # See also
Specific Contaminants
Arsenic Removal from Water Using Manganese Greensand: Laboratory Scale Batch and Column Studies New Mexico State University; Las Cruces NM Jun-99 41 Pretreatment
Understanding Nitrate Pollution in Small and Native American Communities Utah State University; Logan UT Aug-02 53
Microbubble Treatment of Gas Supersaturated Water ARCADIS G&M, Inc.; Highlands Ranch, CO Dec-01 70
Removal of Heavy Metals from Water with Microalgal Resins - I. Process Development CLF Technologies; Denver, CO Oct-96 74 Pretreatment
Biological Stability of Drinking Water Through Ozonation at the Croton Water Supply in New York City Bureau of Water Supply, Quality, and Protection of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection; New York, NY Jun-08 75 Case Studies
Removal of Heavy Metals from Water with Microalgal Resins - II. Bench Scale Testing CLF Technologies; Denver, CO Nov-97 76 Pretreatment
Evaluation of Biological Treatment for Perchlorate-Impaired Water Supplies (abstract) MWH; Pasadena, CA Jun-08 116
General Treatment Methods and Needs Assessments
National Desalting and Water Treatment Needs Survey Bureau of Reclamation; Denver CO May-93 2 Decision Support
Water Treatment Primer for Communities in Need Bureau of Reclamation; Denver, CO Sep-09 68 Decision Support
Study of Wastewater Reclamation Using Backwashable Capillary Ultrafiltration and Encapsulated Reverse Osmosis Membrane Modules Hydranautics; Oceanside CA; June 1999 42
Improvements in Wastewater Treatment at the Leadville Mine Tunnel (short abstract ) New Mexico State University; Las Cruces NM; June 2002 47
Evaluation of Flow Fields in Wetlands Using Physical Models Arizona State University; Tempe AZ May-02 49
Growing the U.S. Water Supply Through Purification Technologies Bureau of Reclamation 2000 56