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Pretreatment for Specific Contaminants

Specific constituents are of serious concern to membrane fouling.

Natural organic matter (NOM) was found to be the most detrimental contaminant to MF/UF and also a major contributor to low pressure membranes. Removal of NOM was a common research theme including specific project categories:

Desalting and Water Purification Research Program Reports

Report Title Performing Agency Date Report # See also
Lake Havasu City Water Treatment Study Bureau of Reclamation; Denver CO Apr-95 8 Pretreatment, Case Studies
Maricopa Ground Water Treatment Bureau of Reclamation; Denver CO Feb-96 15 Electrical energy processes, Case Studies
The Algal-Bacterial Selenium Removal System for Treatment of Irrigation Drainage Water: Demonstration Facility Interim Studies

University of California-Berkeley; Berkeley, CA; November 1999 27
Arsenic Removal from Water Using Manganese Greensand: Laboratory Scale Batch and Column Studies

New Mexico State University; Las Cruces NM; June 1999 41
Removal of Heavy Metals from Water with Microalgal Resins - I. Process Development

CLF Technologies; Denver, CO; October 1996 74
Biological Stability of Drinking Water Through Ozonation at the Croton Water Supply in New York City
Bureau of Water Supply, Quality, and Protection of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection; New York, NY June 2008 75
Removal of Heavy Metals from Water with Microalgal Resins - II. Bench Scale Testing
CLF Technologies; Denver, CO; November 1997 76
Evaluation of Biological Treatment for Perchlorate-Impaired Water Supplies MWH; Pasadena, CA June 2008 116