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Seawater Desalination

Seawater desalination has issues that are very different from brackish or wastewater:

Science and Technology Program Projects

ID Title Start End Contact
5333 Boron Removal from Seawater 2010 2010 Kevin Kelly
9566 Boron Removal from Seawater 2006 2008 Kevin Kelly

.Desalination and Water Purification Research Program Reports

Report Title Performing Agency Date Report # See also
Intake Systems
Initial Evaluation of the Subfloor Water Intake System Structure (SWISS) vs. Conventional Multimedia Pretreatment Techniques Pacific Research Group; Ventura, CA May-01 66 Ancillary Improvements
Research and Development for Horizontal/Angle Well Technology Municipal Water District of Orange County; Fountain Valley CA Oct-08 151 Case Studies, Ancillary Improvements
Results of Drilling, Construction, Development, and Testing of Dana Point Ocean Desalination Project Test Slant Well Municipal Water District of Orange County; Fountain Valley CA Jan-09 152 Case Studies, Ancillary Improvements
Subsurface System Intake Feasibility Assessment Municipal Water District of Orange County; Fountain Valley CA Sep-09 153 Ancillary Improvements
Evaluation of Membrane Pretreatment for Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Aqua Resources International; Evergreen, CO Oct-07 106 Pretreatment
Pretreatment and Design Considerations for Large-Scale Seawater Facilities (abstracts) Reiss Environmental, Inc; Orlando FL Feb-08 137 Pretreatment
Mineral Recovery
Zero-Discharge Seawater Desalination: Integrating the Production of Fresh Water, Salt, Magnesium, and Bromine University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC May-06 111 Concentrate Management
Pilot Testing of Zero Discharge Seawater Desalination - Application to Selenium Removal from irrigation Drainage (abstract) University of South Carolina Research Foundation; Columbia SC Apr-08 135
Boron Removal
Boron Rejection by Reverse Osmosis Membranes: National Reconnaissance and Mechanism Study Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA Jul-09 127