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Water Reuse

Water reuse is the reclamation of water from wastewater plants for beneficial non-potable and potable uses. As fresh water supplies are approaching or have reached full allocation, water reuse is becoming a critical part of community water supplies.

Various water types are the subject of research into water reuse and include:Kruger Neosep MBR system at San Diego Pt. Loma WWTP.

We are exploring technologies including:

Kruger Neosep MBR system at San Diego Pt. Loma WWTP.
Kruger Neosep MBR system at San Diego Pt. Loma WWTP.

Science and Technology ProgramResearch

ID Title Start End Contact Reports
747 Tailoring Irrigation Water from Municipal Reuse Facilities for High Value Crops 2004 2005 Darlene Tuel
1102 Pilot Study of Calcium Removal Pretreatment and Desalination of Irrigation Drainage 2004 2005 Scott Irvine Halfway Wash Water Treatment Pilot Study (DWPR Report No 148) Appendix 1

Desalination and Water Purification Research Program Reports

Report Title Performing Agency Date Report #
Research Needs Assessments
Water Reuse Research Needs Assessment Workshop Summary Report of a Reclamation Workshop at the ADA Conference in Monterey, CA Aug-96 19
Membrane Bioreactor Studies
Wastewater Reclamation Pilot Study City of McAllen, Texas, WWTP No. 2S CH2M Hill Dec-97 26
The Algal-Bacterial Selenium Removal System for Treatment of Irrigation Drainage Water: Demonstration Facility Interim Studies University of California-Berkeley Nov-99 27
Membrane Bioreactors for Water Purification-Phase I City of San Diego; San Diego CA; Metropolitan Wastewater-Public Works Aug-98 34
Demonstration Testing of ZenoGem™ and Reverse Osmosis for Indirect Potable Reuse CH2M Hill 2-May 51
Membrane Bioreactors for Water Repurification-Phase II City of San Diego; Metropolitan Wastewater-Public Works Nov-00 60
Optimization of Various MBR Systems for Water Reclamation — Phase III City of San Diego Water Department, Montgomery Watson Harza 4-Apr 103
Evaluation of Newly Developed Membrane Bioreactor Systems for Water Reclamation Montgomery Watson Harza 9-Feb 147
Conventional Treatment
Improvements in Wastewater Treatment at the Leadville Mine Tunnel New Mexico State University 2-Jun 47
Photocatalytic Process for Silver Recovery and Wash Water Reuse Illinois Institute of Technology Jun-00 50
Treatment of Wastewaters for Water Reuse by a Catalytic Sonochemical Process - Phase II University of Delaware 6-May 88
Membrane Processes
Comparison of Advanced Treatment Methods for Partial Desalting of Tertiary Effluents Montgomery Watson Harza 9-Sep 97
Water Reuse Study for Big, Bear California Bureau of Reclamation 8-Apr 154
Wastewater Recovery from a Textile Bleach and Dye Operation, Bench Scale Evaluation Rice University Dec-98 39
Study of Wastewater Reclamation Using Backwashable Capillary Ultrafiltration and Encapsulated Reverse Osmosis Membrane Modules Hydranautics Jun-99 42