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High pressure water treatment systems require water sources be conditioned to only contain dissolved ions. Constituents in feed water such as suspended solids, scaling potential, microbial content and organic particulates can lead to fouling. Reversible or irreversible fouling of the membrane surface reduces membrane life and increases membrane cleaning requirements. These factors increase the cost of membrane treatment. Research has focused on the following categories to improve general pretreatment processes:

Desalination and Water Purification Research Program

Report Title Performing Agency Date Report # Category
Lake Havasu City Water Treatment Study Bureau of Reclamation; Denver CO Apr-95 8 Membrane-Membrane-specific contaminants, Pretreatment, Case Studies
Novel Membrane Process with Rapid Backpulsing for Water Treatment University of Colorado; Boulder CO Nov-96 18 Membrane-General Pretreatment
Microfiltration with Rapid Backpulsing and Surface-Modified Membranes University of Colorado; Boulder CO Sep-99 28 Membrane-General Pretreatment
Arsenic Removal from Water Using Manganese Greensand: Laboratory Scale Batch and Column Studies New Mexico State University; Las Cruces NM Jun-99 41 Water Supply, Pretreatment
Microfiltration with Rapid Backpulsing and Surface Modified Membranes University of Colorado; Boulder, CO Aug-00 58 Membrane-General Pretreatment
Removal of Heavy Metals from Water with Microalgal Resins - I. Process Development CLF Technologies; Denver, CO Oct-96 74 Water Supply, Pretreatment
Removal of Heavy Metals from Water with Microalgal Resins - II. Bench Scale Testing CLF Technologies; Denver, CO Nov-97 76 Water Supply, Pretreatment
Biological Pretreatment for Membrane Systems Montana State University; Bozeman, MT Apr-03 79 Pretreatment
Pilot Investigation of Slow Sand Filtration and Reverse Osmosis Treatment of Central Arizona Project Water Report Appendices Bureau of Reclamation; Denver CO & Phoenix AZ Aug-02 90 Pretreatment
Evaluation of Reverse Osmosis Scaling Prevention Devices at High Recovery Bureau of Reclamation; Denver CO and Yuma AZ; Burns and Roe Services Corporation; Yuma AZ Mar-03 91 Pretreatment
Evaluation of Membrane Pretreatment for Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Aqua Resources International; Evergreen, CO Oct-07 106 Pretreatment, Seawater Desalination
Evaluation of Desalination on Waters Under the Influence of Surface Water Runoff for Pretreatment, Water Quality, and Pathogen Removal Performance Reiss Environmental.; Orlando, FL Sep-07 113 Membrane-General Pretreatment
The Role of Riverbank Filtration in Reducing the Costs of Impaired Water Desalination Carollo Engineers, P.C.; Broomfield, CO Apr-06 122 Pretreatment
Multibeneficial Use of Produced Water Through High-Pressure Membrane Treatment and Capacitive Deionization Technology Colorado School of Mines; Golden CO Sep-09 133 Membrane-General Pretreatment, Electrical energy processes
Pretreatment and Design Considerations for Large-Scale Seawater Facilities (abstracts) Reiss Environmental, Inc; Orlando FL Feb-08 137 Pretreatment, Seawater Desalination

Science and Technology Program Projects

ID Title Start End Contact Report results
361 Slowsand Filtration (SSF) for Reducing Costs of Desalting Surface Waters 2004 2010 Chuck Moody Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment Using A Slow Sand Filter (PDF, 199KB), Slow Sand Filter Treatment of Surface Water for Municipal Use (PDF, 160KB)
844 Pilot Demonstration of Ferrite Formation-Magnetic Separation Process for Heavy Metals Removal at Leadville Mine Drainage Tunnel Treatment Facility 2004 2006 Dawn Wiedmeier Improvements in Wastewater Treatment at the Leadville Mine Drainage Tunnel
962 Selenium Removal from Irrigation Drainage in the San Joaquin Valley 2004 2005 Scott Irvine The Algal-Bacterial Selenium Removal System for Treatment of Irrigation Drainage Water: Demonstration Facilities Interim Studies
9030 Chemical Treatment Technology for Removal of Selenium 2007 2008 Katherine Guerra ask Katie