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Membrane Pretreatment

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Desalting and Water Purification Research Program

Report Title Performing Agency Date Report # See also
Lake Havasu City Water Treatment Study Bureau of Reclamation; Denver CO Apr-95 8 Membrane-Membrane-specific contaminants, Pretreatment, Case Studies
Novel Membrane Process with Rapid Backpulsing for Water Treatment University of Colorado; Boulder CO Nov-96 18 Membrane-General Pretreatment
Microfiltration with Rapid Backpulsing and Surface-Modified Membranes University of Colorado; Boulder CO Sep-99 28 Membrane-General Pretreatment
Molecular Sieving Hollow Fiber Ceramic Membranes for Reverse Osmosis/Nanofiltration Membranes Media and Process Technology, Inc.; Pittsburg PA Feb-97 40 Membrane-Membrane Development
Arsenic Removal from Water Using Manganese Greensand: Laboratory Scale Batch and Column Studies New Mexico State University; Las Cruces NM Jun-99 41 Water Supply, Pretreatment
Microfiltration with Rapid Backpulsing and Surface Modified Membranes University of Colorado; Boulder, CO Aug-00 58 Membrane-General Pretreatment
Removal of Heavy Metals from Water with Microalgal Resins - I. Process Development CLF Technologies; Denver, CO Oct-96 74 Water Supply, Pretreatment
Removal of Heavy Metals from Water with Microalgal Resins - II. Bench Scale Testing CLF Technologies; Denver, CO Nov-97 76 Water Supply, Pretreatment
Biological Pretreatment for Membrane Systems Montana State University; Bozeman, MT Apr-03 79 Pretreatment
Pilot Investigation of Slow Sand Filtration and Reverse Osmosis Treatment of Central Arizona Project Water Report Appendices Bureau of Reclamation; Denver CO & Phoenix AZ Aug-02 90 Pretreatment
Evaluation of Reverse Osmosis Scaling Prevention Devices at High Recovery Bureau of Reclamation; Denver CO and Yuma AZ; Burns and Roe Services Corporation; Yuma AZ Mar-03 91 Pretreatment
Evaluation of Membrane Pretreatment for Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Aqua Resources International; Evergreen, CO Oct-07 106 Pretreatment, Seawater Desalination
Evaluation of Desalination on Waters Under the Influence of Surface Water Runoff for Pretreatment, Water Quality, and Pathogen Removal Performance Reiss Environmental.; Orlando, FL Sep-07 113 Membrane-General Pretreatment
The Role of Riverbank Filtration in Reducing the Costs of Impaired Water Desalination Carollo Engineers, P.C.; Broomfield, CO Apr-06 122 Pretreatment
Multibeneficial Use of Produced Water Through High-Pressure Membrane Treatment and Capacitive Deionization Technology Colorado School of Mines; Golden CO Sep-09 133 Membrane-General Pretreatment, Electrical energy processes
Pretreatment and Design Considerations for Large-Scale Seawater Facilities Reiss Environmental, Inc; Orlando FL Feb-08 137 Pretreatment, Seawater Desalination