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Electrical Energy Processes

Electrical energy processes utilize and electrical current to draw solutes out of solution. Electrodialysis (ED) is the most common electrical energy desalination method. Processes that attempt to take advantage of the movement of ions in an electrical field include electrodialysis, electret technology, and capacitive deionization., :

Desalting and Water Purification Research Program

Report Title Performing Agency Date Category
Electrodialysis in Pilot Studies
Brighton ED Testing with Asahi Monovalent Membranes D&N Engineering; Lakewood CO Sep-95 Case Studies
Maricopa Ground Water Treatment Bureau of Reclamation; Denver CO Feb-96 Membrane-specific contaminants,
Case Studies
Evaluation of the Port Hueneme Demonstration Plant Bureau of Reclamation; Denver, CO May-01 Case Studies, Membranes
Riverton City Desalination of Mineralized Ground Water Pilot Project Epic Engineering; West Valley City, UT Apr-09 Case Studies, Membranes
Investigation of other Electrical Potential Driven Processes
Application of Electret Technology to Low Cost Desalination University of Denver; Denver CO Jun-02
Impact of Magnetic Fields on RO Separation University of South Florida; Tampa, FL Oct-05
Multibeneficial Use of Produced Water Through High-Pressure Membrane Treatment and Capacitive Deionization Technology Colorado School of Mines; Golden CO Sep-09 Membrane-General Pretreatment
Treatment of Wastewaters for Water Reuse by a Catalytic Sonochemical Process University of Delaware Feb-11 48