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Brackish Water Desalination

Brackish water desalination focuses on the use of alternative water resources that exhibit higher TDS levels than potable water, but lower TDS levels than seawater (in the range of 1,000 mg/l TDS to 25,000 mg/l TDS). Brackish waters can be found in coastal areas (bays and estuaries, where fresh water mixes with salt water), in aquifers (where it is usually referred to as saline water), and in surface waters (salt marshes, for instance, contain brackish water).Brackish water sources produce a number of challenges for use:

Brackish water desalination

Desalination and Water Purification Research Program Reports

Report Title Performing Agency Date Report # See also
Nanofiltration of a High Salinity Groundwater on the Hopi Reservation Northern Arizona University; Flagstaff AZ May 1995 3
Brackish Groundwater Treatment and Concentrate Disposal for the Homestead Colonia El Paso, Texas
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso TX; April 1999 32
Reverse Osmosis Treatment of Central Arizona Project Water for the City of Tucson
Tucson Water Department
USBR; Denver CO January 2004 36
The Role of Riverbank Filtration in Reducing the Costs of Impaired Water Desalination
Carollo Engineers
Broomfield, CO April 2006 122 Economics

RO/NF Pilot Studies since 1995

PI Research Program Location Source Water Processes Reference Report number
W. Boegli AWTR Lake Havasu, AZ Brackish Groundwater w/ Manganese Greensand & Nanofiltration Boegli et. Al., 1995 DWPR #8
D. Williams AWTR Brighton, CO Brackish Groundwater w/ Nitrate Electrodialysis Williams, 1995 DWPR #14
R. Jurenka AWTR Maricopa Cty, AZ Brackish Groundwater w/ Nitrate Electrodialysis & RO Jurenka, Chapman-Wilbert, 1996 DWPR #15
W. Boegli AWTR San Jacinto Basin, CA Brackish Groundwater Reverse Osmosis & Constructed Wetlands Boegli, Thullen, 1996 DWPR #16
J. Lozier DWPR McAllen, TX Wastewater MBR & RO Lozier, 1997 DWPR #26
C. Turner DWPR El Paso, TX Brackish Groundwater RO and Concentrate Disposal Turner, 1999
C. Moody AWTR Tucson, AZ Brackish surface water MF and RO Moody, 2003
F. Leitz Title XVI Port Hueneme, CA Brackish Wastewater ED, RO, and NF comparison Leitz, 2001
C. Moody AWTR Tucson Brackish surface water Slowsand pretreatment for RO Moody, 2002
S. Cheah DWPR Mesquite, NV Brackish surface water Photovoltaic operation of RO Cheah, 2004
M. Chapman AWTR Mesquite, NV Brackish surface water Pre and post treatment alternatives with NF and RO. Chapman, 2006 DWPR #148
Sirkar DWPR East Hartford, CT City Water MD Sirkar, Rayman, 2008 DWPR #134 (abstract)
G. Juby et. Al DWPR Perris, CA Brackish Groundwater RO, EDR, FO MD, Seeded RO Carollo Eng, 2007 DWPR #149
T. Davis DWPR Panoche, CA Irrigation Return Flow ZLD Davis & Rayman, 2008 DWPR #135 (abstract)
M. Chapman AWTR Big Bear, CA Brackish Wastewater MF and RO Chapman & Benko, 2008 DWPR #154
T. Worthen DWPR Riverton City, UT Brackish Groundwater EDR & RO Worthen & Olsen, 2009 DWPR #131
Liu DWPR Oahu, HI Brackish Groundwater Wind driven RO Liu, 2009 DWPR #128