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About Advanced Water Treatment

The amount of water on Earth does not change. While the supply of water on earth is abundant, only a very small percentage of water in the world is actually usable. Further, people do not always choose to live near abundant sources of fresh water. If we had enough fresh water for everyone to drink where they live, we would not need desalination. But fresh water can be in short supplies, and thus we need to find ways to increase our water supply by treating the less than desirable sources we do have--such as seawater, wastewater, and brackish ground water.

Reclamation, by its very mission, has helped form the concept that if there isn’t enough water, we need to transfer it from somewhere else or store water that would naturally run off to the sea. However, transferring water involves extremely high construction cost, legal challenges, environmental disruptions, and lessens the growth potential of the area surrounding the source of the water.

Dealination makes it possible to treat brackish ground water, wastewater, or seawater close to where it is needed for less than the cost of bringing water in from somewhere else.