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Desalination and Water Purification Research Program

The Desalination Act, Public Law 104-2981 , gives Reclamation the ability to support studies or projects across the country. This led to the Desalination and Water Purification Research and Development (DWPR) Program, where Reclamation partners to develop more cost-effective, technologically efficient ways to desalinate water.This program supports work on innovations under cooperative agreements.

Research and studies are accomplished through financial assistance agreements and contracts with non-Federal entities. Under the DWPR Program, Reclamation can cost-share with a broad range of participants: individuals, institutions of higher education, commercial or industrial organizations, private entities, public entities (including state and local), and Indian Tribal Governments. The only exclusion is other national government agencies. A competitive, merit-reviewed process is used for making awards with a recommended cost-sharing of 25 to 50% Federal contribution and a maximum Federal funding up to $5 million per year.


August 2014:
FY2015 Awards have been announced.
See the news release and pdf describing the projects.

Project Awards

FY 2015 DWPR Awards ($1.4 million )

FY 2014 DWPR Awards ($1.1 million )

FY 2013 DWPR Awards ($209,891)

FY 2012 DWPR Awards ($1.5 million) (pdf)

FY2011 Awards DWPR ($1.3 million)

Previous Awards (Note no awards were made between 2006 and 2010)

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Reports: All reports generated from the DWPR program are listed by report number. (These are also listed within each subject area on the left hand menu).

1 Extensions of PL 104-298 are found in PL 108-7, PL 109-13, PL 109-103, and PL 110-5.