BGT 04-06

Reclamation Manual
Directives and Standards

Subject: Miscellaneous Flood Control

Purpose: Outlines the work activities and representative tasks to be included under the Miscellaneous Flood Control program and appropriate means of funding.

Authority: Reclamation Project Act of 1902 and Supplementary Acts; Title 43 U.S.C. 377, Fact Finders’ Act of 1924, Subsection O, as amended; Act of October 29, 1971, Public Law 92-149, 85 Stat. 416.

Contact: Maintenance Services Office, D-5700

1. Background. Miscellaneous Flood Control (MFC) is one of a number of Reclamation programs that have been referred to in the past as “Associated O&M”, “Bureauwide”, or “Reclamation-wide” Programs. These programs have been established to fund the non-reimbursable costs of those activities that Reclamation has determined to be inappropriate to charge to funded projects as “project O&M” activities. Often the activities included in this program may be related to many projects throughout Reclamation or the activities are related to a specific project where there is no specific line item in Reclamation’s budget because the activities are minor or non-recurring in nature. Refer to Reclamation Manual Directives & Standards BGT 04-02 ( for general information regarding “Reclamation-wide Program Funding Criteria.”

2. Objective. These Directives and Standards (D&S) are intended to provide a general description of this program, the types of activities that are to be included under this program, and the authorities, as applicable, and rationale for the non-reimbursable funding of the program.

3. Definitions.

A. Funded project. A specific authorized Reclamation project which receives annual appropriations or revenues to fund project O&M activities

B. Project O&M activities. Activities determined by Reclamation to be performed on behalf of and directly benefiting the ongoing operation and maintenance of a specific project or project feature, and thus are considered to be reimbursable or partially reimbursable.

C. Reimbursable costs. Costs related to project O&M activities that are reimbursed to the Federal government in accordance with established reimbursable cost allocations as determined by the original project authorizations, legislatively approved expansion of project purposes, or current project uses.

4. General Program Description. MFC provides for the collection of various hydrological data such as rainfall and streamflow measurements, and runoff forecasting with computerized hydrology models which is necessary for determining any threat of flooding. The data is collected from areas of a river basin, or on project facilities operated by others. This program provides for the non-reimbursable emergency management operation which may be used to alert reservoir operations staff of conditions associated with unusual flooding events. The program also funds runoff forecasting and coordination with other forecasting agencies such as the National Weather Service, National Resources Conservation Service, and the Corps of Engineers.

5. Representative Tasks.

A. Hydrological Data Collection - rainfall measurements, stream flows, spillway gate positions, dam instrumentation, reservoir levels, etc.

B. Hydromet equipment acquisition for installation at location where Reclamation has no funded project.

C. Hydromet system maintenance costs performed by other entities.

D. Coordination for streamgauging services provided by other Federal, state or local entities.

E. Computer links and programming services necessary to access the National Weather Service flood forecasting computer system.

F. Operation of early warning systems where Reclamation has no funded project.

G. Preparation of runoff forecasts and flood control operations and oversight.

6. Funding Criteria.

A. General. Reclamation’s authority to determine which costs to charge customers is governed by general provisions of Reclamation law, project and program specific legislation, and specific provision of contracts that Reclamation enters into with water users. As such, only the costs of those activities considered appropriate by Reclamation to be “project O&M” activities are charged to water users or power customers. The costs of other activities (non-project costs) are typically captured as non-reimbursable costs under the Reclamation-wide Programs.

B. Criteria. Within Reclamation Manual D&S BGT 04-02, criteria is outlined for the establishment of Reclamation-Wide Programs (which includes the MFC Program) and the related types of activities appropriate to fund under these programs.

C. Specific Authorities. In addition to Reclamation’s general authority, as cited above, the Fact Finders Act of 1924, Subsection O, as amended, and Public Law 92-149 provide additional basis to support the non-reimbursable funding determination of general engineering and evaluation activities that are conducted for non-specific project purposes.

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