ADM 05-04

Reclamation Manual
Directives and Standards

Subject: Incorporation of Visual Identity into Signage for Buildings

Purpose: Establish directives and standards for planning, designing, and fabricating building signs to ensure compliance with Reclamation’s Visual Identity.

Authority: Commissioner’s Memorandums dated July 28, 2003 , and June 3, 2004 .

Contact: Property and Office Services Division, D-7900.

1. Scope. These directives and standards apply to planning, designing, and fabricating signs for the interior and exterior of buildings owned and occupied by the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) or occupied by Reclamation through a lease agreement with the General Services Administration (GSA) or other lease grantors. These directives and standards apply only to the fabrication and installation of new signs and the replacement and renovation of existing signs beginning as of the date of the approval of this document.

2. Coordination with GSA.

    A. Implementation of these directives and standards are subject to the requirements of GSA for leased buildings of which Reclamation may be the sole tenant or one of many. GSA requirements vary from state to state and region to region and will take precedence over these directives and standards.

    B. Buildings owned or leased directly from GSA as a sole tenant or one of many are subject to local planning and zoning laws, sign ordinances, protective covenants, and terms and conditions of a lease.

    C. Unless otherwise directed by GSA or sign ordinances, protective covenants etc., Reclamation’s Visual Identity standards will be used with no alteration. The Visual Identity Online Manual can be viewed at

3. Standards. All building signage must conform to the common elements of the Visual Identity and these directives and standards. To provide a positive, professional, and consistent image, a standardized sign design has been approved for the interior and exterior of buildings. Building signs will comply with the standards shown on the Visual Identity Online Manual at All signs must comply with ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities. These standards and guidelines are available at

4. Responsibilities.

    A. Office Sign Coordinator. Each area office will designate an office sign coordinator, which will be a collateral duty assignment. The office sign coordinator will have the skills and capabilities to coordinate all signage needs for buildings under the office’s jurisdiction. Each office sign coordinator will work with the individual grantor of the building lease and the regional sign coordinator during the sign design and planning stages to ensure that the grantor’s building requirements and local ordinances are followed and that the common elements of the Visual Identity system, as described in the Visual Identity Online Manual, are followed to the extent possible. Additionally, the sign coordinator will collaborate with the public affairs officer, accessibility coordinator, security officer, occupational health and safety officer, design engineer, and other office personnel, as appropriate.

    B. Regional Sign Coordinator. Each Regional Director will designate a regional sign coordinator to coordinate building signage needs within the region and ensure compliance with these directives and standards and Visual Identity requirements. The regional sign coordinator will:

    (1) Review proposed drawings or plans during the sign planning and design stages to ensure compliance and assist with coordination with grantor of building lease, including those with National Historic Preservation status as requested.

    (2) Maintain a list of vendors that can fabricate or manufacture the required signs in conformance with these directives and standards.

    (3) Assist Reclamation offices with the acquisition and procurement process, when needed.

    (4) Produce layouts using standards in the Sign Guidelines for Planning, Design, Fabrication, Procurement, Installation, and Maintenance of Signs for Outdoor Public Use Areas (Sign Manual) and the Visual Identity Online Manual website at

(226) 07/27/05
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