Reclamation Supplement to Federal Property Management Regulations

Part 71 Energy Management Program

Subpart 114S-71.1 General Provisions

114S-71.100 Scope of Subpart.

The instructions contained in this subpart supplement Departmental policy directives found in Part 752 DM, Chapter 1, Energy Management Program.


114S-71.200 Station Service Power.

Buildings/facilities and structures powered by station service are not exempt from the requirements of the Building Energy Management Program and are included in the definition of a Federal building or Federal facility. For reporting purposes only, these buildings/facilities will be classified as "Excluded Buildings."


114S-71.300 Exempt Buildings/Facilities.

(a) Utilities Paid by Others. Buildings/facilities assigned to water districts or other entities that pay the energy and water utilities are exempt from the requirements of the Building Energy Management Program. These buildings/facilities would normally be disposed of if the water district or other entity were to vacate the buildings/facilities.

(b) Unconditioned Buildings/Facilities. Buildings/facilities that are not heated or cooled are exempt from the requirement of the Building Energy Management Program. Energy efficient lighting should be considered as replacement lighting during normal maintenance activities.


114S-71.400 Surveys and Audits.

The Facility Energy Decision Screening (FEDS) software package will be used to conduct prioritization surveys and comprehensive facility audits. If a building/facility is unusual in design or function and does not readily fit the FEDS model, other accepted engineering practices may be used to survey the building/facility.


114S-71.500 Beneficial Landscape Practices.

The provisions of the Presidential Memorandum on Environmentally and Economically Beneficial Landscape Practices on Federal Landscaped Grounds will be observed. See the August 10, 1995, Federal Register, Volume 60, Number 154.


114S-71.600 Use of Recovered Materials.

The provisions of 40 CFR Part 247 (May 1, 1995, Federal Register, Volume 60, Number 83) and the Reclamation Acquisition Regulation System Subpart WBR 1423.4 will be observed to promote the acquisition of products made from recovered and/or recycled materials.


114S-71.700 Reports.

All reports required by the Building Energy Management Program will be submitted to the Reclamation Service Center, Attention: D-7910, for consolidation. The Annual Report to Congress on Federal Government Energy Management and Conservation Programs will be formatted according to annual guidance provided by the Department of Energy.


FPMR-16 - 10/30/95