Reclamation Supplement to Federal Property Management Regulations

Part 60 Property Accountability

Subpart 114S-60.8 Survey Procedures

114S-60.802-3 Traveling Survey Officer.

All General Supply Specialists and Supply Systems Analysts GS-12 and above in the RSC are appointed Traveling Survey Officers.

Regions and Area offices may appoint Traveling Survey Officers. Appointments must be in writing by the Accountable Officer.


114S-60.803-2 Distribution.

(a) A copy of approved Reports of Survey for actual loss, damage, or destruction of property, regardless of costs, will be retained in Regional Offices.

(b) A copy of approved Reports of Survey for actual loss, damage, or destruction of property over $5,000 will be forwarded to the RSC, D-7910.

(c) The completed original copy of the Report of Survey (Form 7-778) will be forwarded to the RSC, D-7700, through appropriate local personnel. The above distribution and removal of the equipment from Movable Property System (MPS) records should occur in the same month.


114S-60.805-1 Forms.

A Report of Survey, Form 7-778 will be used in lieu of Form DI-103A, Certificate of Unserviceable Property. No Board of Survey is required, but concurrence and signatures of those employees/positions required by 114-60.802-2 are required.

The "Property Official or representative" referred to in 114-60.802-2 will normally be the local Property Officer. If the equipment in question is highly technical in nature or is unfamiliar to the Property Officer he/she may rely on an impartial individual having indepth knowledge of the equipment.


114S-60.807 Reviewing Authority for Reports of Survey and Certificates of Unserviceable Property.

The Reviewing Authority at offices may be exercised by the head of the office or designee, providing Accountable Officer authority has been delegated to the highest administrative position in the office. If the head of the office delegates Reviewing Authority, the delegation must be to a position organizationally higher than the organizational level of the Accountable Officer.


114S-60.807-3 Authority to Overturn Findings and Determinations.

All documentation, including disagreeing statements, will be provided to the RSC, D-7910, for final resolution.


114S-60.808-1 Reports of Survey.

Any loss, theft, or damage to property should be documented as soon as it is discovered. The documentation should be forwarded to the Property Accountability Unit and provide the following information:

(a) Circumstances surrounding the loss, theft, or damage.

(b) Date of loss, theft, or damage.

(c) Any witness statements.

(d) Any police reports.

(e) Signature of employee.

(f) Date notification was provided.

Based on information contained in the documentation, the property accountability unit will determine whether Report of Survey procedures will be used. Procedures for conducting a Report of Survey on items with an original cost of less than $5,000 will only be followed when there appears to be a question regarding financial liability. An employee may still be held financially liable for lost, stolen, or damaged property under $5,000 if the circumstances indicate fraud, property irregularities, or unofficial use. Report of Survey procedures will apply for all other losses, damages, or thefts of Government property.


114S-60.810-2 Employee Notification and Participation.

If the employee is not duty stationed at the same location from which the subject letter originates, the letter will be forwarded by U.S. Mail and a return receipt requested. A copy of the letter will be made a part of the completed Report of Survey file.


114S-60.810-9.70 Establishing Receivable Accounts.

A memorandum requesting issuance of a Bill for Collection will be issued by the office head. As a minimum, any request must contain adequate information to establish a receivable account.


114S-60.811 Report Required.

A report of property surveyed and employee liability will be forwarded by each region, the Administrative Service Center, Commissioner's Office, and the RSC to the RSC, D-7910, by November 15 of each year. The report will cover the preceding fiscal year. Regional Office reports will be a consolidation of all reports from operating offices.

The report will be in memorandum form, signed by the Accountable Officer, and submitted in the following format:

(a) Reports of Survey for Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Property.

(1) Total number of Reports of Survey.

(2) Total number of line items surveyed.

(3) Total dollar value of loss to the Government.

(4) Total number of employees held financially liable.

(5) Total dollar value of employee liability.

(b) Reports of Survey for Unserviceable Property.

(1) Total number of Reports of Survey.

(2) Total number of line items surveyed.

(3) Total dollar value of line items surveyed.


FPMR-22 - 11/27/95