Reclamation Supplement to Federal Property Management Regulations

Part 60 Property Accountability

Subpart 114S-60.6 Identification of Personal Property

114S-60.600 Government Ownership of Personal Property.

All Government property classified as nonexpendable (see 114S-60.4) except that exempted below will be permanently marked to indicate Reclamation ownership with either the name "Bureau of Reclamation" or the initials "U.S.B.R."


114S-60.601-70 Exemption.

(a) Very small, delicate, or precise apparatus which cannot be marked in a permanent manner without damage to the property is exempt from any requirement for marking/numbering. The PCN assigned to this equipment will be recorded on the basic equipment record. Where the manufacturer's number is not available, a number will be assigned by the RSC, D-7910, upon request from the local property office.

(b) For maintenance, replacement, and disposal purposes, acquisition information for certain major equipment items (including plant and installed equipment) is required in the REMMS system. If the manufacturer's nameplate or equipment tag does not include the contract, specification, or purchase order number an additional identifying tag showing acquisition number and other pertinent information should be affixed to the item by the receiving office.

(c) Nonexpendable property received by transfer from other Reclamation offices should be marked and/or numbered as appropriate. In these cases, since the classification number on nonexpendable property will be unique, the number only needs to be indicated on the receiving report.

(1) Property received from other Government agencies will be marked in the same manner as new property. All markings of the other agency should be removed or defaced.

(d) Nonexpendable property which has been inspected and condemned through survey or other action, but which is not immediately destroyed or otherwise disposed of, will be conspicuously marked with the initials "I.C." (inspected and condemned).

Instances where standard marking methodology appears inappropriate must be brought to the attention of the Regional or RSC personnel for resolution.


114S-60.602 Assignment and Display of Property Numbers.

Identification markings and classification numbers may be affixed to items of property by use of metal tags, steel stamping dies, branding devices, etching or engraving, indelible ink, decalcomania transfers, painting, or by any other means which will produce a permanent marking and which is most adaptable to the particular type of property.

Bar code labels and decalcomania for capitalized, noncapitalized, and sensitive property may be acquired from the RSC, D-7913. (See 114S-25.70.)


114S-60.603 Items Requiring Special Identification.

(a) Motor Vehicles. All Government-owned or -leased motor vehicles will display the legends "For Official Use Only" and "U.S. Government," on the inside rear window, on the left side of the window, not more than 1/2 inch from the bottom of the window. For large trucks, i.e., dumps, stake beds, etc., the decal will be placed approximately centered on front door panels or in a comparable position on vehicles not having doors or windows.

(1) Display of Departmental License Plates. See 41 CFR 101-38 and 114-38.

(2) Display of Bar Code Label. The bar code label should be placed on the vehicle so that it will be visible when inventoried (e.g., inside driver's door, driver's window lower right-hand corner, or above the vehicle identification number).

(3) Law Enforcement Vehicles. Vehicles used for normal law enforcement activities will be equipped with roof-mounted flashing lights which will readily identify the vehicles as law enforcement. In addition to the prescribed motor vehicle identification in 41 CFR 101-38.203, the word "POLICE" will be displayed, either with Reclamation's emblem on the door panel, or on the front fenders, or both. The designation of a law enforcement vehicle will not be made without approval of the Commissioner, as delegated to D-7900.

(b) Watercraft. All Reclamation-owned boats will be identified by the use of lettering and numbering as prescribed in 41 CFR 101-38. and 114S-60.602. The lettering will be displayed on both sides of the hull in a position near the bow and may be of any appropriate size.

(c) Heavy Equipment. Motorized construction equipment (in addition to PCN's, appropriate markings, and pursuant to 114S-60.602) will display identification consisting of lettering on both sides of the equipment similar to that prescribed for motor vehicles. However, the lettering may be larger if it is consistent with the size of the equipment.

(d) Trailers. All trailers will be identified in a manner similar to motor vehicles except that any trailer, such as a pole trailer, which does not provide a suitable area need not be lettered. House trailers need not display license plates except when moving over highways. Where applicable, house trailers may be marked with quarters numbers, street addresses, etc. Whenever possible, identification lettering on trailers will be centered on both sides of the front quarters of the trailer and numbered, usually at front and rear.


114S-60.603-70 Removal of Identification Markings.

When equipment, materials, and supplies are sold, all identification markings on containers, tags, labels, etc., which indicate that the property was previously owned by Reclamation will be removed prior to final disposition.

When nonexpendable property is transferred, sold, or otherwise disposed of, identification markings will be removed as follows:

(a) Reclamation name or initials, numbers, license plates, decalcomania transfers, and other identification markings will be removed from property when sold.

(b) Reclamation name or initials, numbers, license plates, decalcomania transfers, and other identification markings will be removed from property transferred to water user organizations.

(c) License plates, decalcomania "Department of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation," and any abbreviated classification number markings will be removed from vehicles transferred to another Government agency or when sold. When vehicles or equipment are transferred to another Bureau/Office within the Department, the RSC, D-7910, will be notified with all pertinent information to ensure appropriate accountability of Departmental license plates is accomplished.

(1) License plates, lettering, numbering, and decalcomania transfers will not be removed from vehicles/equipment transferred to another Reclamation office. Notification of these transfers will be in accordance with 41 CFR 101-38 and 114S-38.


FPMR-22 - 11/27/95