Reclamation Supplement to Federal Property Management Regulations

Part 46 Utilization and Disposal of Personal Property
Pursuant to Exchange/Sale Authority

Subpart 114S-46.2 Authorization

114S-46.201-2 Reimbursement.

Reimbursement value will be based on the best estimates available for the current resale value of the property, which may be determined from recent sales of similar property, publications such as the NADA "Blue Book" for motor vehicles, dealer trade-in allowances for office machines, and similar sources.

(a) Transfers to Other Reclamation Offices. Except for property covered in (c) below, transfers of exchange/sale property to other Reclamation projects or offices may be either reimbursable or nonreimbursable at the discretion of the Regional Director or the office of Property and Office Services, Reclamation Services Center. Reimbursement should not be requested unless there is reasonable expectation that the funds will be required for approved programs within the fiscal year during which the replacement property is purchased.

(b) Transfers Outside Reclamation. Transfers of exchange/sale property to other Interior offices and to other Federal agencies will be made with full reimbursement of the market value.

(c) Property Acquired From Trust Funds and Other Special Funds. Reimbursement will be required for all transfers of property acquired from the following funds:

(1) Trust funds, such as funds advanced by water user organizations.

(2) The Colorado River Dam Fund.

(3) The Colorado River Development Fund.

(4) Working Capital Fund (WCF) Equipment.

(i) All transfers of capitalized WCF equipment must be coordinated with the Regional WCF Coordinator (Coordinator) and the Regional Finance Officer (RFO). In certain instances, based on the determination of the Coordinator and the RFO, transfers of WCF equipment must have funds recovered from the receiving office to ensure full cost recovery.

(ii) Based on the guidance provided by the Coordinator and the RFO, the property voucher must be annotated appropriately ("non-appropriated fund transfer" or "appropriated fund transfer").


114S-46.202 Exchange/Sale Category List.

The exchange/sale category list found in this section should not be interpreted as representing an all-inclusive listing of items eligible for disposal under the exchange/sale authority. Other items or categories of items [except those listed in 101-46.202(a)] may be disposed of pursuant to this authority provided that the requirements of 101-46.002 are met.

FPMR-27 - 1/18/00
Supersedes FPMR-11 - 9/15/95