Reclamation Supplement to Federal Property Management Regulations

Part 44 Donation of Personal Property

Subpart 114S-44.7 Donations of Property to Public Bodies

114-S-44.701 Scope.

This subpart establishes Reclamation responsibilities and procedures for donation of personal property to public bodies. For the purposes of this subpart, the definition of "donee" as prescribed in Federal Property Management Regulations 101-44.001-4, will govern.


114S-44.701-1 Findings and Documentation Justifying Donations to Public Bodies.

Donation of property under this subpart will be supported by a Board of Survey action properly documented on Form 7-778, Report of Survey. Property may not be donated unless it is confirmed that the property has no commercial value or the estimated cost of care and handling exceeds estimated proceeds from a sale. The following documentation is required:


(a) For a finding of "No Commercial Value."


(1) GSA has formally attempted to sell the property and no bids were received. A letter provided by GSA referencing the sales catalog will serve as the justification and must become a part of the Report of Survey; or


(b) GSA relinquishes the property to Reclamation and the property is offered for a small lot sale and fails to elicit an offer. Evidence of the sale will include but is not limited to:

(1) Copy of advertisements announcing the sale or copy of Optional Form (OF) 15, Poster, Sale of Government Property.

(2) A complete listing of all property offered during the sale.

(3) A certified copy of the complete abstract of bids as required in FPMR 101-45.403-3d; or


(c) A Certification signed by the Report of Survey reviewing authority stating:

I certify that are not useable and cannot economically be


rehabilitated for use for the purpose for which they were originally intended, and can reasonably be expected to have no market value.

Reviewing Official ------ Date --------


(1) For a "Finding of Estimated Cost of Care and Handling Exceeds Estimated Proceeds."


(i) GSA has determined that the estimated costs of continued care and handling would exceed the estimated proceeds from a sale. A letter provided by GSA will serve as the justification and must become a part of the Report of Survey; or

(ii) A certification signed by the Accountable Officer based on past experiences for the type of property to be donated. The certification will read:


I certify that the estimated costs of continued care and handling including delays imposed on the custodian, and the costs of advertising, would exceed proceeds from the sale of .


Reviewing Official ------ Date --------


114S-44.701-2 Reviewing Authority.


Reports of Survey for donations are subject to approval in accordance with 114S-60. The reviewing official may not be the Accountable Officer for the property involved.


FPMR-9 - 9/15/95 (Supersedes 3/2/90)