Reclamation Supplement to Federal Property Management Regulations

Part 44 Donation of Personal Property

Subpart 114S-44.5000 Donation Under Stevenson-Wydler Act

114S-44.5000 Scope.

The guidance in this subpart applies to disposal of personal property made in furtherance of Reclamation program. These directives do not apply to transfers of movable property to water users' organizations which are covered in 114S-43.70.


114S-44.5002 Procedures.


(a) Authority is delegated to Regional Property Management Officer to donate property under the provisions of the Stevenson-Wydler Act, [15 U.S.C. 3710(i)].

(b) See figure 1 for cooperative agreement format for donations of property under this authority.


114S-44.5006 Reports.

Each Regional Office, Administrative Services Center, Reclamation Service Center and the Commissioner's Office will provide a copy of each approved SF-122 of all donations made under the Stevenson-Wydler Act by November 15.

Figure 1.



Educational Institution or Non-Profit Organization


Department of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation


Gift/Acceptance (Agreement) between USDI, Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation), and Educational Institution and/or Non-Profit Organization.

1. Purpose.

This Agreement is to establish a relationship between USDI Reclamation and ________________ in consideration of the transfer of excess research equipment to this educational institution or non-profit organization for the conduct of technical and scientific education and research activities. Title of ownership transfers to the subject recipient.

2. Authority.

Public Law 102-245, Section 303, Research Equipment, Section 11 of the Stevenson-Wydler Technology Innovation Act of 1980, subsection (i) Research Equipment, provides that "the Director of a laboratory, or the head of any Federal agency or department, may give research equipment that is excess to the needs of the laboratory, agency, or department to an educational institution or non-profit organization for the conduct of technical and scientific education and research activities."

The property listed herein has been offered to all Interior and Federal agencies as required by 41 CFR 114-43.102-52 and 41 CFR 101-43.311.

3. Objectives and Program Elements.

This Agreement is intended to provide a mechanism for the transfer of excess research equipment from USDI, Reclamation to the subject recipient, in accordance with the procedures set forth in 410 DM 114-44.50 and Public Law 102-245.

4. Management.

In order to enable close collaboration, it is agreed that the recipient will certify one year from the date of the signed Agreement that the property acquired under Public Law 102-245 remains in the possession of the institution.

5. Effective Date and Revision or Termination.

The Agreement shall be in effect upon signature. This agreement may be amended by written agreement of the parties at any time.


Educational Institution/Non-Profit Organization Bureau of Reclamation
Signature/Title _____________ Signature/Title_______________
Date ________ Date ________


FPMR-9 - 9/15/95 (New Release)