Reclamation Supplement to Federal Property Management Regulations

Part 44 Donation of Personal Property

Subpart 114S-44.001 Definition of Terms

114S-44.001-3 Donable Property.

Property purchased from funds advanced by water users is excluded from donation by 101-44.001-3(d). All other surplus property owned by Reclamation is subject to donation for educational, public health, and civil defense purposes pursuant to subsection 203(j) of the Federal and Administrative Services Act of 1949, as amended.

(a) Reimbursable Fund Property. Property acquired with appropriated funds which are reimbursable by law, such as the Colorado River Dam Fund and the Colorado River Development Fund, should be offered for donation for screening in the same manner as other property, except that the appropriate GSA regional office shall be notified that reimbursement must be obtained.


FPMR-9 - 9/15/95 (Supersedes 3/2/90)