Reclamation Supplement to Federal Property Management Regulations

Part 43 Utilization of Personal Property

Subpart 114S-43.71 General Provisions to Interdepartmental Work

114S-43.7102 Interdepartmental Work.


(a) Authority. Section 601 of the Economy Act of June 30, 1932 (47 Stat. 417, 31 U.S.C. 686), provides that Federal agencies may place orders for material, supplies, equipment, work, or services with another Federal agency under appropriate conditions.

(b) Implementation. Upon approval of the Regional Director in each instance, materials, supplies, and equipment may be transferred to another Federal agency pursuant to the above authority without prior circularization within the Department under the following conditions:

(1) When the Federal agency seeking to acquire the property is engaged in the performance of work for Reclamation in furtherance of the Reclamation program and the property involved is not available or excess within the meaning of these terms, but would be needed by the project or office if the work being performed by the other Federal agency were instead performed by Reclamation; or

(2) Where it is determined by the other agency that it is in the best interest of the Government for it to place orders for equipment, materials, and supplies with Reclamation rather than with another Government agency or private concern because it is more convenient or economical to do so, and Reclamation has agreed (preferably in advance) to render such service. Under this arrangement storehouse stock levels would be adjusted to take care of the recurring or intermittent needs of the other agency, and transfers (issues) to the other agency would be considered day-to-day operating needs and not transfers of available or excess property. The instructions in this subparagraph should not be construed to mean that performance of such service by Reclamation is to be encouraged since this is not one of our primary functions, but rather should be regarded as permission to enter into such agreement where circumstances warrant.

(c) Restrictions. Except as provided in the preceding paragraph, no property will be transferred to a Federal agency outside Reclamation without first having complied with the circularization and reporting requirements of 114S-43.102-71 and 101-43.311, as appropriate.

(d) Reimbursement. Reimbursement will be required for property transferred pursuant to this section except that such transfers may be made without exchange of funds where Reclamation reimburses the other agency for its expenditures in carrying out program work. The amount of reimbursement to be obtained is as follows:


(1) Nonexpendable Property. Appraised value based on current market or net book value, whichever is appropriate.

(2) Materials and Supplies. Values carried in stores records.


114S-43.7201 Intra-Reclamation Transfers.

In all transfers between offices within Reclamation, the acquiring office will use the disposing office's "Book Value" as the new "Acquisition Cost." The disposing office will drop the property from its records citing their "Acquisition Cost" as the disposal value, and recording the disposal as such on the Property Voucher.

"Original Cost" will remain the same for both offices and should be recorded in the "Description" block of the Property Voucher.


114S-43.7202 Transfers to Other Federal Offices.

For transfers outside Reclamation, the disposing office should drop the property from its accounts at the book value (transfer value) as recorded in the Movable Property System.


FPMR-8 - 9/15/95 (Supersedes 6/12/74 and 2/23/76)