Reclamation Supplement to Federal Property Management Regulations

Part 43 Utilization of Personal Property

Subpart 114S-43.70 Transfer of Movable Property to Water Users' Organization

114S-43.7001 General.

Reclamation directives provide for the transfer of movable property initially needed for operation and maintenance to water user organizations when these organizations assume responsibility for operations and maintenance of water, storage, and carriage facilities.


114S-43.7002 Determination of Equipment Needed for Operation and Maintenance.

Upon transfer of facilities to a water user, action will be initiated to determine the specific items of equipment and other movable property to be furnished by the Government under the terms of the contract with the operating organization. Replacement of originally transferred equipment is the responsibility of the water users' organization. Passenger carrying motor vehicles (i.e. sedans, station wagons, buses, or ambulances) will not be transferred.

The following guidance is provided for use during the transfer process:

(a) Any equipment required by the water users at the time of transfer which is not Reclamation-owned may be obtained in the usual manner and from the same sources Reclamation would use to acquire equipment for its own use.

(b) If all required equipment to be furnished the water users' organization is not transferred simultaneously with the transfer of operation and maintenance responsibility, that equipment may be procured at a later date as needed. In no instance may it be procured later than 1 year after the water users assume operations and maintenance responsibility, or the rehabilitation and betterment work completion date.

(c) In the event that units of a project are transferred to a water users' organization for operation and maintenance progressively, the required equipment may also be transferred progressively. In no instance may it be procured later than 1 year after the water users have assumed operations and maintenance of the last unit.


114S-43.7003 Transfers in Connection With Rehabilitation and Betterment Work.

Reclamation will transfer personal property to water user organizations pursuant to the transfer contract for operation and maintenance of the rehabilitated works. Additional requirements must have advance approval by the Regional Director. If additional equipment is required, it may be obtained in the same manner and from the same sources as prescribed for the initial operation and maintenance requirement, but with a 1-year timeframe.

Provisions in this paragraph do not include the replacement or upgrading of equipment previously transferred to a water users' organization in accordance with 114S-43.7002.


114S-43.7004 Conveyance of Title.

Public Law 83-551, (68 Stat. 580), as amended by Public Law 84-924, (70 Stat. 940), authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to transfer title to movable property to water user organizations for operations and maintenance of irrigation works. Public Law 89-48, (79 Stat. 172), further amended the cited acts to include authority to transfer title to movable property to organizations which assume operation and maintenance responsibility of project works serving municipal and industrial functions.


114S-43.7005 Documentation of Transfers.

A Property Voucher, form 7-763, will be used to document the transfer of personal property regardless of original cost.


114S-43.7006 Removal of Government Ownership Identification Markings.

Identification markings indicating the property was previously owned by the Government will be removed.


FPMR-8 - 9/15/95 (Supersedes 10/28/68)