Reclamation Supplement to Federal Property Management Regulations

Part 42 Utilization and Disposal of Hazardous Materials
and Certain Categories of Property

Subpart 114S-42.2 Firearms

114S-42.1102-10 Disposal of Firearms.

Reclamation firearms (refer to 41 CFR 101-42.001 Firearms) will be disposed of only by one of the following methods:

(a) Utilization Requirements.

(1) Reserved.

(2) Transfer. Reclamation firearms may be transferred to the Smithsonian Institute if they have historical significance.

(b) Donation Requirements. Donations to other museums, organizations, or individuals are strictly prohibited. [See 41 CFR 101-42.1102-10(b).]

(c) Sales Requirements. Reserved. See Abandonment and Destruction, subparagraph (e) below.

(d) Foreign Gifts of Firearms. Reserved.

(e) Abandonment and Destruction of Firearms. All Reclamation firearms not disposed of by transfer and are not required for use by Reclamation will be disposed of in the following manner:

At the point of destruction of firearm(s):

(1) Will be photographed, preferably with the serial number or other identifying marks clearly visible and recognizable.

(2) Without moving or rearranging the firearms after the first photograph is taken the firearms will be cut in half by use of an acetylene or similar torch. The cut will be made diagonally across the receiver or frame of the firearm.

(3) Immediately following the destruction a second photograph will be taken as verification.

(4) Two individuals must witness the destruction of firearms and must sign the resulting property voucher as witnesses.

(5) Photographs will be retained with the property management file copy of the property voucher and retained on file for 10 years.

FPMR-25 - 1/18/00
Supersedes FPMR-8 - 9/15/95