Reclamation Supplement to Federal Property Management Regulations

Part 41 Transportation Documentation and Audit

Subpart 114S-41.308-1 Agency Control


114S-41.308-1 Agency Control.

(a) Procedural Guides. Employees responsible for control, issuance, and execution of Government bills of lading should have ready access to the General Services Administration handbook, "How to Prepare and Process U.S. Government Bills of Lading," available through the GSA Supply Catalog.

(b) Supply and Accountability.

(1) Stocks of Government bills of lading will be requisitioned (using form DI-1, Requisition) as required from the Reclamation Service Center, code D-7912A. When received, the inclusion serial numbers will be recorded on the file copy of the requisition, and adequate accountability records will be established and maintained on form 7-1406, Government Bill of Lading Control Register (figure 1).

(2) The original of any Government bill of lading which is canceled, or is spoiled in the course of preparation, will be kept on file in the issuing office for 2 years, then destroyed. Any Government bill of lading furnished to cover a shipment, but not used, will be returned to the issuing office for cancellation. A notation of the spoilage or cancellation of a bill of lading will be entered in the accountability record. All Government bills of lading furnished for shipments will be retained for 2 years.

(3) A record of all Government bills of lading issued for Government-paid transportation will be maintained on form 7-1406.

(4) All requests for transportation shipments, i.e., commodity/household goods, must be in writing. A requisition, form 7-702, or other approved form will be prepared and approved prior to shipment. An approved Travel Authorization - Transfer or Reassignment, form 7-1786, may be used as authorization for household shipments.

(5) Government bills of lading are accountable forms and should be kept in a locked cabinet or safe at all times prior to issuance.

(6) Individuals authorized to approve/issue Government bills of lading will be designated in writing by the accountable officer.

FPMR-7--9/15/95 (Supersedes 8/21/89)