Reclamation Supplement to Federal Property Management Regulations

Part 38 Motor Equipment Management

Subpart 114S-38.9 Federal Motor Vehicle Fleet Report

114S-38.902-70 Standard Form 82, Agency Report of Motor Vehicle Data.

All Offices will submit data for Reclamation-owned motor vehicles from data collected through the Reclamation Enterprise Maintenance Management System (REMMS). This data will be analyzed to determine where intra-region transfers of some units could be considered to satisfy needs elsewhere or to suit changes in programmed work. The Reclamation Service Center, Code D-7910, is responsible for submission of the consolidated report to the Department.


114S-38.902-71 Records.

Certain records are necessary for accumulating cost and operating data for reporting purposes and for the management and control of motor vehicles. The vehicle records and reports will be maintained and reported through the REMMS system.  


FPMR-21 - 11/21/95