Reclamation Supplement to Federal Property Management Regulations

Part 38 Motor Equipment Management

Subpart 114S-138.801-70 Obtaining Service Station Deliveries of Gasoline, Lubricants, Fuel Oil (Diesel), Kerosene, and Related Services Under Federal Supply Contract

114S-38.801-7001 U.S. Government National Credit Card Standard Form (SF) 149.

Each Reclamation-owned motor vehicle and motorized equipment which will require fueling and servicing at commercial service stations will be provided with one SF-149, U.S. Government National Credit Card, bearing its identification number (or numbers) and the appropriate billing office code and street address. Inasmuch as most fuel contracts are on an annual basis, it is incumbent on the user of a card to ascertain that a contract covering his/her purchase is in force. This is critical at the beginning of the fiscal year since there may be delays in approving individual contracts with specific companies. Drivers should be cognizant of any discounts offered for petroleum products, parts, or services available from Federal Supply Schedule Contractors.

The SF-149 may be used for scheduled preventive maintenance and emergency breakdowns and repairs when the cost of repair/service does not exceed $2,500. Emergency breakdown is defined as an unexpected vehicle breakdown in route, e.g., tire blowout; engine, transmission, or other major component problem; failure to start or engine stalling; shattered windshield; engine overheating; etc. Towing charges may also be charged to the SF-149. In situations where the SF-149 is not accepted by a vendor, the Government-wide IMPAC Visa Card can be used for repairs, maintenance, and fuel for Reclamation-owned vehicles (see Reclamation Purchase Card Handbook IV,C,6). Breakdown of vehicles and equipment under manufacturer's warranty should be dealt with by the dealer.

The vehicle operator will ensure that each SF-149 invoice used for emergency repair is annotated with: (1) the vehicle tag number; (2) odometer reading; (3) date of repair; and (4) operator's name and office telephone number. All invoices/credit card receipts must be submitted within 5 working days after repair or service is performed, to the individual responsible for vehicle record keeping.


114S-38.801-7002 Billing Code.

(a) The first through fourth digits are controlled by the General Services Administration (GSA).

(b) For Reclamation offices, the fifth and sixth digits are always "84" signifying the Department of the Interior.

(c) The seventh through ninth digits (Billing Account Range) are to be assigned by the ordering office in accordance with predetermined blocks of numbers controlled and assigned by the Department of the Interior and the Reclamation Service Center. (See figure 1.)

(d) The tenth digit is a check digit that is generated by the credit card contractor.


114S-38.801-7003 Administrative Control of Credit Cards.

If an SF-149 credit card is lost, stolen, or damaged, the ordering office may obtain a duplicate. The following precautions will be taken to prevent unauthorized use of a missing card:

(a) The paying office will be notified of the loss or theft and requested to be on the alert for any unauthorized bills.

(b) Appropriate service station outlets in the area will be notified of the loss or theft to guard against purchase by unauthorized person(s).

(c) The same steps as indicated above will be taken in the event of loss or theft of a credit card issued by a Federal Supply Schedule Contractor.

(d) Local law enforcement agencies will be notified regarding lost or stolen credit cards.

During emergency situations, such as loss of a card, unavailability of contract vendor or product, or in other unavoidable circumstances, a driver may make cash purchases of fuel, tires, or other essential operating supplies, and obtain reimbursement upon compliance with collection procedures.


114S-38.801-7004 Requisitioning SF-149 From Designated GSA Contractor.

SF-149 will be obtained from the Federal Supply Schedule Contract issued by GSA.

U.S. Government National Credit Cards will be ordered by regional offices for all acquired or reassigned motor vehicles. Replacement and other credit card requests will be made by requisition, or memorandum, indicating the reason for the request, e.g., "Lost card," "To replace damaged card," etc.

The faxagram ordering system will be used to place credit card orders. The current contractor will provide a control sheet for this purpose. The information on the completed sheet is provided to GSA staff at the contractor's site who will copy and enter the information into the computer system. After the cards are produced, they will be mailed to the shipping address designated for the account number.


FPMR-20 - 11/15/95 (Supersedes 8/21/89)