Reclamation Supplement to Federal Property Management Regulations

Part 38 Motor Equipment Management

Subpart 114S-38.74 Operation and Maintenance of Boats and Other Waterborne Craft

114S-38.7401 Scope of Subpart.

This subpart establishes general guidelines for the operation and maintenance of boats and other waterborne craft (see also the policies set forth in 33 CFR 6 and 46 CFR 25).


114S-38.7402 Responsibility.

Regional Directors and heads of offices having need for or custody of boats and watercraft are responsible for selection and control of the numbers and types of watercraft acquired; equipping of each boat and craft with safety gear and firefighting equipment as is necessary considering type and use of each boat or craft and the conditions of operation; selection and training of employees who will operate and work in the vessels; conformance with Federal and State laws and regulations in their operation, including U.S. Coast Guard Regulations; and the efficient and economical utilization of all Bureau of Reclamation-owned boats and craft.


114S-38.7403 Bureau of Reclamation Requirements for Inspection.

All Bureau of Reclamation-owned boats and craft will be thoroughly inspected at least annually, preferably by the Coast Guard. Where heat, humidity, or ice may have a severe affect on hull or engine, heads of offices having custody of the craft will be responsible for having inspections made of sufficient frequency as to ensure reasonable protection and safe operation. Reclamation has an agreement where the Coast Guard will provide certain inspections and services. At the request of Safety and Health Services, Reclamation Service Center, or a Regional Director, the appropriate District Commander, U.S. Coast Guard, will inspect those inboard craft operated by Reclamation within their jurisdiction. Inspections will be for the purpose of determining the seaworthiness and safe operating condition of the boats in accordance with established Coast Guard standards and will be made at the convenience of the District Commander.


114S-38.7404 Requests for Inspection.

Requests for Coast Guard inspections will be submitted to the District in whose jurisdiction the boats are located. Such requests will include the following information:

(a) The number and location of the boats to be inspected.

(b) The number and location of boats for which incidental inspection is requested.

(c) The name and location of the Reclamation representative responsible for matters relating to completing detailed arrangements for the inspection.

(d) An inspection form will be established in conjunction with the Coast Guard's, manufacturer's, and Reclamation's requirements and filed with the boat's log.


114S-38.7405 Inspection Reports.

All reports of inspections by the Coast Guard will be made to the requesting Reclamation representative with one copy directed to the Safety and Health Services, Reclamation Service Center, Denver Office. Informal reports and recommendations may be made to the Reclamation representative at the inspection location as conditions warrant. The services provided under the agreement between Reclamation and the Coast Guard will not require any transfer of funds.

Deficiencies discovered during inspections affecting seaworthiness or safe operation will be corrected before the boat or craft is again placed in service.


114S-38.7406 Official Use.

No employee will use or authorize the use of any Reclamation-owned, or Job Corps craft for other than official purposes. The transportation of nonofficial passengers in otherwise vacant space on a boat being used on official business will be avoided.


 114S-38.7407 Operation.

All watercraft owned by Reclamation will be operated, at all times, with safety as a primary requirement, and in accordance with appropriate Federal and State Laws and regulations for similar privately owned and commercial craft; except when necessary to deviate while engaged in the enforcement of laws and regulations for which Reclamation is responsible; and except for the payment of fees for State and municipal inspections and licensing. The Official Coast Guard (Recreational) Boating Guide, CG 340, has been adopted and provides adequate regulatory coverage for the operation of small Reclamation boats.


114S-38.7408 Responsibility During Operation.

The employee assigned to be in charge on any boat or craft will be responsible during operations for the craft, its equipage, safe operation, and the safety of the crew and passengers, as well as work equipment or cargo on the craft.


114S-38.7409 Maintenance.

All boats and craft will be maintained at a high standard of safe operation. Hulls will be painted frequently enough to protect them from rot or corrosion. Marine engines and outboard motors will be serviced, maintained, and operated in conformance with manufacturers' recommendations, with particular attention to lubrication. Reclamation-owned boats and craft are of such different sizes and diversified power drive equipment that preventive maintenance inspections and lubrication intervals must be scheduled on an individual basis. Manufacturers' recommendations concerning types of fuel and grades of lubricating oil to be used will be closely maintained. This should be particularly emphasized when maintenance, repair, and overhaul of engines and motors are performed in commercial shops.


114S-38.7410 Records and Reports.

Regional Directors will prescribe the type, format, and frequency of submission of records and reports for management control of boats and craft, as appropriate. Dates of inspections, major repairs and modifications to hull, engines, and boat-installed equipment should be recorded.


FPMR-5 - 9/15/95 (Supersedes 12/28/90)