Reclamation Supplement to Federal Property Management Regulations

Part 38 Motor Equipment Management

Subpart 114S-38.6 Reporting Motor Vehicle Accidents

114S-38.600-70 Motor Vehicle Accidents.

Instructions and reporting procedures required by Reclamation Manual SAF 01-01 will be followed by all Reclamation offices. Form 7-2206, (similar to GSA form 1627) Motor Vehicle Accident Reporting Kit, containing appropriate accident reporting forms will be in each Reclamation-owned, -leased, or privately owned motor vehicle authorized for official use on Government Business (see FPMR 41 CFR 101-38.6).

(a) GSA form 1627 is provided by GSA for use in reporting accident data for interagency motor pool vehicles.

(1) In accidents involving General Services Administration vehicles, a written determination will be made by the operating office head as to whether or not there was operator negligence or misconduct. (See FPMR 101.39.7 and .8.) Since this determination will be used to decide assessment of accident costs to Reclamation, it should favor the operator where negligence or misconduct is not clearly evident.

(2) Where it is feasible, the operator should notify personally the Chief of the GSA motor pool and other authorities of the accident. If injured, the operator may discharge thus responsibility through his Supervisor or other designed official.


FPMR-21 - 11/21/95