Reclamation Supplement to Federal Property Management Regulations

Part 38 Motor Equipment Management

Subpart 114S-38.4 Use and Replacement Standards

114S-38.402-70 Passenger Cars and Station Wagons.

Each year Congress prescribes the number of passenger-carrying vehicles that may be replaced within Reclamation's appropriation. To ensure maximum benefits, replacements will be made on a Reclamation-wide fleet basis. This may require that vehicles disposed of without replacement by one region be identified for replacement purposes to another region, by cross-referencing the disposal and acquisition transaction. The Reclamation Service Center, Code D-7910, should be notified of all disposal-without-replacement transactions as soon as possible.


114S-38.402-71 Replacement Standards.

The replacement standards prescribed by 41 CFR 101-38.402 are mandatory and Reclamation-owned vehicles/equipment will be replaced in conformance with those regulations. Other Reclamation-owned equipment, the replacement of which is not covered by FPMR 114S-38.72, will be replaced as prescribed herein, but in no circumstance will continued use of unsafe equipment be permitted.

Periodic inspection of equipment will be made to bring equipment deficiencies to the attention of office heads so that funds may be programmed and timely replacement made. (See 41 CFR 101-38.402 and FPMR 114S-38.72.) At least annually, all items of equipment must be considered for reconditioning or replacement. Those items becoming obsolete or for which trade-in values would be excessively reduced by continued use, should be scheduled for replacement.

Where reconditioning is considered, age, cost and extent of repairs, scarcity of parts, and actual need will determine the type and extent of reconditioning required and the expenditures that can be justified. Lease or rental of equipment will always be considered prior to replacement.

As a general policy, replacements will be of the latest design and model best suited to accomplish the work. Equipment which is eligible for replacement may be continued in service whenever a development, construction, or rehabilitation job is nearing completion and the equipment although eligible for replacement, will only be needed a short time and will then be placed in surplus channels. In these instances consideration must be given to repair of this equipment, so that it may safely last out the job.


114S-38.402-72 Selected Equipment Schedule of Life Expectancy.

The Movable Property System (see appendix F) establishes average life expectancy for units of automotive equipment in general use in Reclamation. This appendix serves as a guide in determining the total amount of money that can be expended economically for major repairs during the life of a unit of equipment.


FPMR-21 - 11/21/95 (Supersedes 8/21/89)